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After A/Ls & O/Ls,Choose a Degree That Matters in The Job Market! ; Get Ready to be Inspired, Informed and Motivated to Achieve Your Next Big Goal in Life

ANC would like to congratulate all the students who completed their O/L and A/L examinations recently, and recognize the hard work and dedication taken to conquer one of the greatest hurdles in your life.
The doorway to your future starts today; attend the WORKSHOP and INTERACTIVE SESSION organized by ANC Education that is tailor-made to help you gain tremendous insight into ‘Choosing a Degree that matters in the Job Market’; let us guide you towards the best path after O/Ls and A/Ls.
Determining your higher education pathway and choosing a suitable degree program in a constantly changing global environment is overwhelming, because it no longer depends on your interests in a particular field but also on how applicable and relevant your chosen academic program, knowledge and skills will be in the future job market.
The corporate sector is highly competitive and rapidly changing; the most in-demand occupations today did not exist ten years ago and it is estimated that over 50% of children entering primary school today will end up in new and exciting fields that are yet to be explored.
With thousands of degree programs available and a multitude of specializations to choose from, it is now more crucial than ever to align yourself with a responsible institution that will prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.
ANC with its extensive history of offering the best education options from World’s leading academic Institutes, provides top tier programmes delivered by the premier lecturer panel in the country backed by years of experience.
ANC’s vision is to fulfil every student’s dream of pursuing quality higher education, with this in mind ANC is offering Scholarships of up to 50% for students with excellent A Level results that attend the above Workshop on 12th of January 2019.
The Workshop on “Choosing a Degree that matters in the Job market’ is an ideal stepping stone to gather insight into some of the more pressing questions that you might have now that you are looking to make the next big decision of your life; some of the topics that will be covered during the workshop will be:
1. Study fields & degree pathways that lead to higher paying jobs
2. Degree specializations that are in-demand inthe global market
3. Right Skills-set that any job category requires
4. The emerging jobs in the next 5 to 10 years
5. The different majors and specializations that provide a competitive advantage
6. What employers are looking for in new graduates
7. How to get your foot in the door early on while pursuing your degree program
8. Accelerating career progression; from an intern to a CEO in 10 years.
This informative and interactive Workshop is conducted by the highly versatile and distinguished Mr. Niranjan De Silva a professional coach, business consultant and trainer who has conducted many Communication and Leadership development programs for business executives and youth. Mr. De Silva is a recipient of
“The Achievers Award “from the Post Graduate Institute of Management, professional’s association for outstanding contribution to the profession, business and society. Mr.De Silva is also a renowned mentor for upcoming professionals.
ANC Education extends this invitationto all the post A Level &O Level students along with their parents to attend this Free interactive workshop to gain clarity and direction in choosing the right path of study.
ANC continues to be a trail blazer in setting high standards in the education sector and leads by example by organizing workshops to guide, mentor and inspire Sri Lankan and regional youth to choose the best possible higher education pathways that allows them to become competitive, highly demanding graduates in the future global job market.
Register for Free today and attend the Workshop on 12th of January 2019 at 10.30am at ANC for more information call 077 2932587 visit us at us at | No.308 –310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03 or follow us on Facebook: “ANC_Education” on Instagram.

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