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After A/L ,a Professional Qualification With a Degree From a State University

Leaving school closes one chapter of life but opens another chapter, a more serious one as one has to decide on which route takes through to success. Yes, no doubt that there are many roads one can choose from. As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. But in reality, they don’t and we have to make wise decisions in finding which road leads to Rome, in other words, to success. Self-interest is the key factor that makes the world go around these days. Therefore, the decision here has to be based on the fact which path will provide you with best opportunities.
We can see that majority of school leavers choose some form of accountancy as their professional path. There is an easy way to find out if their decision is sound or not. Take the employment opportunity section of a weekend newspaper or log into an employment website. You will see, most of the vacancies on the site or on the paper are for accounting personnel. From bottom to top. From accounts clerks to financial managers and above, there are plenty of jobs in the sector. So, by making accountancy as their career, our youngsters make the right choice.
National and International Recognition
CMA was incorporated by Act Number 23 of 2009 that was approved in April 2009 by Parliament of Sri Lanka and therefore, achieved the reputation as the National Management Accountancy Qualification.
As the course syllabus was designed on par with international standards with the help of CMA Canada (now CPA Canada)and the quality of education satisfies international requirements, CMA could become a full member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the global organization for the accountancy profession with 175 members and associates from 130 countries representing 3million accountants. In addition, CMA was accepted into the folds of International Federation of the confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA) and the South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA).
Why Choose CMA?
Institute of Certified Management Accountants (CMA) qualification makes you suitable for many jobs. Level 1 of CMA will equip you with knowledge needed for middle level accounting job, with fundamental subject knowledge. Management Accounting Fundamentals, Financial Accounting (70%) & Finance, Fundamentals of Management (60%) & Economics, Fundamentals of Management (60%) & Economics, Quantitative Methods for Business are taught in the Level 1. The good thing is even if you never learnt Accounting or Economics in school, you wouldn’t be lagging behind others as CMA will teach you from the basics. In addition, you can enhance your knowledge in English through Business English.
No Matter what you did for A/Ls or wait for results
Yes, CMA will start from fundamentals. Therefore, whatever the stream you studied in school, you won’t be handicapped when you study for CMA. You only need 3 simple passes obtained in any subject stream.
Never fear about your English knowledge or lack of it
Most of our students, study in the Sinhala or Tamil medium in school. It makes them a little apprehensive about stepping into professional courses that are mostly conducted in English. You can start CMA in the language you are most comfortable with, either Sinhala or Tamil. Of course, in English as well. While doing the first two levels in your preferred language, you can improve your English knowledge.
What can you achieve?
When you get CMA qualification, there is no place you can’t go with it as management accountants get opportunities in a variety of work settings and industries. They have a demand in public and private companies, non-profit organizations and even in government officers.
Designations are not limited to management accountant. With CMA under the belt and with right experience you can become a budget analyst, financial analyst, accounting manager, finance controller or chief financial officer. Nothing would stop you even becoming a director or chief executive officer. And needless to say, that income soars as the position becomes high.
Opportunity for a Quick Degree from Open University of Sri Lanka
The Open University of Sri Lanka offers exemptions for CMA students who have passed the Managerial Level to study for bachelor’s degree in Management Studies. There are many CMA students who have made use of this opportunity and completed only two levels and obtained the degree. A number of past CMA students have made use of this opportunity and finished with academic and professional qualifications during the same period.
Without financial burden
CMA is the most inexpensive route to become a management accountant in Sri Lanka. As CMA earned the reputation of being the national management accountancy qualification by being incorporated under an Act of Parliament, the key objective of CMA is to provide opportunity for students from all strata of society to pursue a career in management accountancy. With a fraction of the cost of qualifying with foreign management accountancy body, a student can complete CMA.
Opportunity to win scholarships
There are opportunities to win scholarships that make everything free including CMA registration fees, annual subscription fees, examinations fees while scholarship holders will be provided study materials free of charge.
If any scholarship holder wishes to utilize the e-learning facility offered by CMA facilitating distant learning, they will be given that facility as well.
After registering with CMA, students are eligible to apply for a scholarship.
For further information of registration and other facilities offered by CMA, visit the website or call 0112596696 or Indika 0777593562

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