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Thinking Your Way to Success After A-Levels? Aim Higher With ANC!

Merit scholarships and exemptions for A-Level grades!
College is about preparing oneself for a rewarding career. Gone are the days that any graduate could succeed in the job market. Now, more than ever, the world needs globally and culturally competent graduates, those with critical thinking skills, creativity, communication and negotiation skills as well as cultural intelligence to face challenges head on.
ANC offers world-class learning opportunities for local students, thereby opening doors to a world of possibilities; there are several distinctive degree programs on offer for students finishing their A-levels. Those who have gained satisfactory A/L grades will be eligible to claim exemptions & merit scholarships up to LKR 500,000/-; nevertheless, not getting the grades you were expecting doesn’t have to be demotivating, for U.S. universities accept GCSEs and O levels for admission.
ANC: The FIRST Choice for US/ Canadian Education in Sri Lanka
ANC’s degree transfer programs enable local students to continue their higher education in America or Canada upon successful completion of the General Education program at ANC. Northwood University of the USA offers its General Education program without any localization at ANC. All these courses are considered for transfer credit by top universities in the US and Canada.
General education ensure students achieve breath in their education. Every student must fulfill requirements in mathematics and natural sciences, English composition, speech, IT, social sciences, etc. before studying their chosen major in depth. They are designed to help students develop critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills that will enable them to thrive in any field they go into: even business and engineering graduates enter the job market well rounded and able to write as well as they can do numbers and analyze data.
Top US universities not only recognize ANC’s contribution to international education but also vouch for the college readiness of ANC transfer students: The strong educational foundation at ANC helps transfer students become an integral part of our Oswego community. It’s a great start to a successful career. ANC transfer students come well prepared to continue their education in the US, and they demonstrate outstanding achievement…,” says Dr. Joshua McKeown, Associate Provost for International Education and Programs at SUNY Oswego.
ANC also offers the convenience of completing an American degree in business or psychology right here in Sri Lanka. ANC degree programs are quality assured by its partner universities and students receive their academic transcripts, identical to those issued in the US, only from the partner universities.
ANC also assists students in securing paid internships that provide valuable work experience and professional contacts. Current and past internships for Business majors include MAS Holding, Virtusa, Samsung, DIMO, Hilton, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Hayleys, etc. Psychology majors have interned at National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH, Angoda), Sahanaya, Ladies’ College Special Education Unit, Woman In Need, Military Hospital, National Hospital, etc. Short term study abroad programs aim to prepare students to perform with distinction in the international and multicultural contexts.
Undergraduate Degree Programs Offered at ANC
• U. S. Business Degree (Completion)
• U.S. Psychology Degree (Completion)
• 2+2/ 3+1 U.S. Degree Transfer Programs
• 1+3/ 2+2 Canada Degree Transfer Program

US/ Canadian Degree Transfer Programs
U.S. and Canadian universities have a deep commitment to welcoming international students, America remains the world leader in higher education, and Canada has become the most popular study destination among international students. StudeANC’s Degree Transfer programs have successfully placed about 2000 students in top notch American universities including State University of New York- SUNY Oswego, SUNY Albany, and SUNY at Buffalo; California State University- Sac State, Long Beach, Los Angeles; Northwood University; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Florida Institute of Technology; Purdue University; Ohio State University; Drexel University, University of South Florida, Montana state University, Northern Arizona University, California State University, University of Wisconsin, LeTourneau University etc. Transfer students are guided step by step for a smooth transfer between colleges.
The international student population in Canada has nearly doubled recently, and Canada has altered immigration policies to make it easier for them to obtain permanent residency after graduating. ANC students have been placed on reputed Canadian universities, such as University of Toronto, York University, University of Waterloo, McMaster University, University of British Columbia, Acadia University, McGill University, University of Alberta, Trent University etc.
Studying in the USA/ Canada: Advantages
• Pursuit of Excellence in STEM Education: studying science, technology, engineering, and math- subjects collectively known as STEM- ensures that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to become successful in today’s world
• Booming Entrepreneurship on College Campuses: unique opportunities for launching a new venture: Google, Dell, Yahoo!, Facebook, WordPress were founded by foreign-born college students
• On-campus work options (20hrs a week), and 12/ 36 month work visa after graduation & PR opportunities in Canada
• Various types of financial aid including scholarships available for international students
U.S. Business Degree (Completion)
Northwood University, a specialized business school (ranked a “Best Value Business School” by Payscale) from the USA offers its Bachelor of Business Administration degree at ANC. The 14-year-old ANC-Northwood partnership has produced approximately 1800 business graduates and established a strong record of career success for every one of them. The program offers distinctive concentrations:
Northwood Education at ANC
• Students save up to 70% of the cost of reading for the same degree in America
• Guaranteed Paid Student Internship (GPSI) Program: Strong academics combined with final year internship opportunities in the 50 top companies in Sri Lanka including MAS Holding, Virtusa, Samsung, DIMO, Hilton, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Hayleys, etc.
• Academic transcripts only from the Northwood University
• Dual major options & year of specialization to study final year in the USA
• Industry-specific curriculums accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
• Fully recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka
• Qualifications well recognized in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe & Middle East for employment and higher education

U.S. Psychology Degree (Completion)
ANC has produced 700+ psychology graduates through its collaboration with top ranked universities at the forefront of world class research in psychology. All these graduates have launched rewarding careers or are accepted by world-class grad schools soon after their graduation. ANC continues to offer Bachelor’s in Psychology in joint collaboration with SUNY, Empire State College (ESC), a regionally accredited college of the State University of New York, the largest university network in the USA.
A degree in psychology prepares students for a rewarding career in a number of areas, including management, counselling, social services, government service, education, child care, public health, and research as well as graduate school.
ANC psychology students also gain the real-world experience through supervised internships.
Upon successful completion of their studies, majority of ANC students opt for Master’s in Clinical Psychology, awarded by the University of West London (UWL). They have the unique opportunity to complete both bachelor’s and master’s in Psychology within four years at ANC.Given that the benefits of a college degree are greater than a boost in one’s salary potential, it is the dream of every high school graduate (and their parents) to go to college.
Educational institutions are established everywhere in the country to meet this demand. However, it has been reported that the number of unemployed graduates in Sri Lanka has risen up to 58,000 by March this year. The current situation in Sri Lanka is more of unemployability than unemployment – graduates possess qualifications but not as per the requirement of the industry. In this context, ANC collaborates with world-class universities from America and Canada to offer an unmatched educational experience to local students, while breaking down the traditional boundaries existing between higher education and labor market: 99% of ANC graduates are in employment or grad school within 6 months of graduation.
Students who received ALs results are welcome to be enrolled on any of our undergraduate degree programs.
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