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Study MBBS/ MD in Russia

Russian Educational Center (REC) together with the Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy has been directing Sri Lankan students for Medicine/Dentistry/Engineeringfor more than 20 years and has become the number 01 Foreign Educational Provider in the country with the excellent service given to the nation.
REC in collaboration with several world renowned universities from Russia has helped thousands of students to reap the highest return on their investment in education. Those who have gained the minimum qualifications (Medicine – 2 Credit passes and 1 Simple Pass, Engineering – 3 Simple Passes) are eligible to study Medicine or Dentistry and priority given to the students who have best results. Pre Medical University Programs or Foundation Programs are not accepted by SLMC – Sri Lanka Medical Council. For the Engineering Universities, students can join directly with 3 Simple passes in Advanced Level exam or Equivalent.
When selecting a foreign university, one has to be assuring with the recognition, affordability, facilities, the demand for the degree and the security. Our Partnermedical universities are recognized by the SLMC (Sri Lanka Medical Council), UGC,WHO, Medical Councils of UK, USA, EU, Australia and globally while Partner Engineering Universities are recognized globally. There is no hidden cost and students can gain a world recognized degree for a lower cost than any other degree from a foreign country. It provides an unlimited student support including documentation process, Direct University Admission, Visa arrangements, Accommodation, Airport Pickup and Transportation and host of other services that gives a relief for the parents who needs assurance with the child’s Future Education. Most important thing is the continuous assistance until graduation given by the center. All the students, parents and graduates highly appreciate REC services rendered to students during their studies. Students who register early as possible can enroll with the Free Introductory Course in Medicine and Language conducted by the REC in Sri Lanka which will be an added advantage for their education abroad.
Our Partner Universities.
• Tver State Medical University
• Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
• Piragov Russian National Research Medical University
• Grodno State Medical University
• Peoples Friendship University – LUMUMBA
• Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI)
• Moscow automobile and road construction university(MADI)

Mudiyanselage Hiruni Sanjana
Vishaka Vidyalaya, Colombo
Year of A/L – 2017
Tver State Medical University

“My parents wish my welfare and they never want to see me failing in my life. They want to give the best thing in the world and I am happy they gave me the correct path of life to move on. It is a great assurance to know that I am in capable hands until i reach my destination. When I was searching for a good place, I found REC to be reliable and their service with the collaboration of the Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy. They don’t have big pages in newspapers and they never use TV commercials to attract students. REC is not profit oriented and anyone can afford to make this dream come true. Their Representative Russian Government Universities are funded by the Russian government and as a result parents have to pay only a one third 1/3 of the cost than any other country. But the European standard education system and the updated Great Russian technology helps medical students to grasp the knowledge. So I recommend REC as the number 01 Medical Educational Consultant in Sri Lanka.”

Vidushika Sewwandi Welagedara
Mahamaya Girls’ College – Kandy
Year of A/L –2017 A/L
Father -Senior Lecture
Grodno Sate Medical University

“I am really glad that I can become a Doctor at last. I make this opportunity to thank everyone who became a strength through this time. Specially REC and the University. They guided me and supported me and it was something that we cannot expect from institutes as most of them have become commercialized. I was searching for the best place which gives the correct guidance for foreign medical education. I visited many institutes but I was not satisfied as they failed to give me the right information. Finally I reached REC where I got the maximum assistance and it continued till now. The collaboration with the Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy, tighten the bond and responsible for each student and that is what I appreciate a lot.”

Nisal Dulsara Wickramasinghe
Ananda College
Tver State Medical University
Year Of A/L – 2017
“ I thank all of them who helped me to come to this place where I am going to fulfill my dream. Tver is a unique University with all the facilities and I am happy to be here. We got the guidance from REC and still they help us when ever we are in trouble as we are new to the country. Dr.LasanthaAmarakoon, the Director of REC, personally looks into the matters of the students and he assure that we are in safe hands. I assure this place and I would like to invite the others who has a dream to be a doctor, to come to this place at least once and see the difference beyond any other place”

Geethmi Kalankani Pathmasiri
Visakha Vidyalaya
Year of A/L – 2016 A/L
Grodno State Medical University
“ I firstly thank REC for helping me to get the admission to such standardized Medical University. Becoming a doctor was my inner dream where I am going to fulfill. Grodno is a good medical university in Belarus which gives you the best in Education and life. I did not feel alone as there are many Sri Lankan students studying there. The Introductory Course in Medicine given by REC before leaving Sri Lanka was effective for the students to start the studies in the University. And also REC arranged the roommates that we know each other well and sometimes they are our own classmates at school.A part from being profit oriented REC serves the nation to give the best possible higher education. Affordability, security, 24 Hr service, direct admission to the university, ERPM guidance, Free Introductory Course before coming to the university and the continuous assistance did a great job to all of us. I thank all of them once again ”

Rahul Sri DeegauObeysekera
Dharmaraja College
Tver State Medical University
Year of A/L – 2017
“ To become a Doctor was my dream and now I have kept my first step to fulfill my dream. I thank my parents first to give me the support and to find a trustful place for me where I can stay for 6 years. REC is like home to me and the friendly staff helps us any time of the day without any hesitation.
I did not have to roam everywhere to get my Visa as REC did everything for me. It is a great relief for us and what we did was submitting the relevant documents. Sri Lankan students have their own cricket team, cultural society and no ragging in the university as in other countries. The senior students welcome us warmly and all the time they support us in anything. The Sri Lankan office in the university assist throughout 24 hours and I need to appreciate their efficiency of the service given to us. I really appreciate their service and I thank them once again.”

Kavishki Gayasha Vithanachchi
Southland College
Year of A/L – 2017
Grodno State Medical University

“ Being a girl I am going to my dream of becoming a doctor. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to the university and the REC for making my dream become true. I am really happy that I found the correct place to get the correct guidance to enter a world class medical university. As a girl my parents and I was worried about many criteria as security, facilities in the University, the environment and the help of other students. I was amazed to see the continuous assistance given by REC and the University. And also there were many students from my School in the university.”

Sanduni Sulakkhana
Ferguson High Shool
Year of A/L – 2017
Tver State Medical University
“ I am glad to be fortunate as I am going to be a Medical Practitioner from a world recognized Medical University.
The Gratitude should goes to Russian Educational Center (REC) who gave an immense assistance throughout the registration process and the current continuous support for the students. I do not think that any other place will give such support and assure the security of the child.
The massive network between students and the University is unbelievable. There are many Sri Lankan students studying here and they help us a lot.
The high standardized education system, excellent opportunities and rich practical training at laboratories as well as hospitals, increase the quality of education and the demand for the degree holders. ”

Supun Sri Malaka Ranasingha
Nalanda College, Colombo 10
Year of A/L –2016
Grodno State Medical University
“ I am really proud to say that I am going to be a doctor and I thank all of them who supported me through this period of journey.
The University and the city have a remarkable beauty and a high standard of facilities is maintained in the hostel premises to provide a conducive environment for studies to the students.
I am so comfortable in the university and I do not feel alone. We have the best Hospitals for clinical training and it is far beyond the technology in Sri Lanka. All of us have the opportunity to experience the world’s best Medical education.
The unity and contribution of all the Sri Lankans make us feel as a family and the specialized lecture panel and the staff is supporting us through our studies. There are many other international students from all over the world and the network we make with each other pave the way the understand and respect each cultures.

Ashvini Rathnayake
Bishops College
Year of A/L – 2017
Tver State Medical University
Father – Doctor

“ REChas been very resourceful and efficient as an educational consultant.
According to my opinion REC is a team who love what they do and it makes a great impact on the service they provide. I received a great service from REC. In spite of large advertising campaigns, they do their maximum to help us.
Dr.LasanthaAmarakoon, the Director of REC is a Russian Graduate in Medicine by himself and now he is giving his best to others.
His excellency in 20 years of service as an Educational provider, has helped REC to be the pioneer of the Sri Lankan Foreign Education Consultancy.So we have to be very careful when selecting a consultant as many agents tries to misguide you and get money.
We cannot play with our future. REC sends the maximum number of Sri Lankan students per year and there are many other Sri Lankan students studying in Russia for more than 1000.
The representative universities have the best panel of Scientists, Professors and Lecturers from all over the world.
They discover new things their technology is immersive. So I highly recommend REC according to my own experience and it the best place that you can study through.”

Bawaaneya Raninde Jayesinngha
Royal Institute, Colombo
Year of A/L –2018
Grodno State Medical University

“First of all I must be very appreciative of the matter that REC takes the full responsibility of me till the degree completion and start my career as a Medical Professional.
It is a relief for me as well as for my parents. I visited many other agents before coming to REC and only REC could satisfy my needs with their customizable service, Security of the child and nicely organized culture.
REC assured and provided reliable evidence of the facts I needed to know and got justified by talking with others who are studying there and currently working passed out graduates.
REC offers a Free Introductory course in Medicine and Russian Language before sending children to Russia and that helped a lot.
I affirm REC as the best Medical Education Provider in Sri Lanka”

Devni Chirathma Fernando
Lyceum International School,
Tver State Medical University
Year of A/L – 2016

“I was searching the Web and News papers and went to many other Educational Institutions but could not find a reliable place which meets my needs. Later found REC and many people recommended me to have a visit there and I also just dropped a visit to see why everyone talks about REC. I got my decision with that single visit without any hesitation as they had all the facts I was looking for. Security, recognition, responsibility, unlimited service, ERPM guidance, Sri Lankan office in Russia, Visa arrangements and the collaboration with the Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy.
When we select an educational consultant we need to check the reliability and their past record whether they have any complaints. REC is the only place that I found which does not have any complaints and their past records impressed me as they never advertise them in a major scale. They do not advertise immensely but giving very silent service to the nation. I endorse REC as the Best Medical Educational Provider in Sri Lanka.”
Due to the huge competition for the enrollment as many students apply globally to the university, make your reservation as soon as possible for the year 2019.
Registered Students will get the chance to attend the Free Introductory Course in Medicine and Russian Language.REC is looking forward to assist prospective students to make their medical dream come true and accepts applications from students who aspire to become medical doctors.
Students are advised to apply as soon as possible due to the limited number of opportunities.
Students and parents are requested to contact 0711- 70 70 70, 0711 -80 80 80 0711- 60 60 60
or log on to www.russianec.comfor more information.
Also they can visit REC office at Russian Educational Centre (REC), no. 15/3, rotary hall, Samudradevi mw, Nugegoda, for an individual Free counseling session about medical degree programs, course fee, scholarships, etc

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