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Institute of Vocational Studies (IVS) ; Pioneers in Overseas Education

In an era when more attention is directed at the overseas education sphere, the tendency of going out of the country and getting educated in overseas universities has increased. The main reason for this is that only a very small number of students that pass the G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination get the opportunity of entering State Universities. Furthermore, many students at present opt for being educated overseas to get a more quality education relevant to professions in more demand in the global job market.
The “Institute of Vocational Studied (IVS) located at Dalugama, Kelaniya, is an institution that has brought the expectations of obtaining overseas education of many youth of this country to fruition has won the trust of many youth in this country obtaining overseas education and their parents.
The leader of the 22-year successful unparalleled journey of the Institute of Vocational Studies (IVS) is its Managing Director Emeritus Professor Vijitha Mallika Senanayake. She obtained her primary education from Gothamee Girls’ School and her higher education from the Lumumba University, Russia, and a proud woman of courage in the truest sense of the word. She has been awarded many accolades for her services for the children of our country in the past several years including United Nations’ Awards, MACO International Awards, MSA Awards, Deshamanya, Diriya Prasadinee, Wishwa Prasadinee, Janee Jana Prasadinee, Praja Sewa Abhimanee, Wyaparavedi Nipun, Lanka Diriya Mathaa, Justice of peace for All Island and the Janabhimanee Special Honour Award in December 2018.
During the past 25 years, IVS has facilitated the entry of over 1200 students to the University of Science and Technology in Chittagong, Bangladesh to study medical science and many Doctors who have passed the ERPM Examination conducted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council for overseas-qualified Doctors are serving in many areas of the country at present. Furthermore, the University of Science and Technology of Chittagong has become affiliated with the Chittagong Medical College, a State University in Bangladesh in the year 2017 and has again started admitting overseas students. The Chittagong Medical College is a State Medical College recognized the world over and approved by all Medical Councils. The Ministry of Higher Education has provided medical scholarships annually to the Chittagong Medical College.
Students have been admitted to the Lumumba Friendship University of Russia, the Tula State University of Russia, the Novgorod University of Russia and the Melakka Manipal Medical College of Malaysia to study medicine and students have been admitted to the Manipal International University of Malaysia, the Lovely professional University of India, PESIT Institute of India and the Sambram Institute to study other subjects.
Students have been admitted to the largest State University of China, the Zhengzhou University in Hanan State, through IVS to study medicine and that University is operating a special scholarship scheme and Sri Lankan students have got the rare opportunity of obtaining those scholarships. This University has obtained the approval of the World Health Organization and the Medical Councils of the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. The special features of that University is given below.
The Zhengzhou University, the main university in China, located 60 kilometers away from the Shaolin Temple, is generated through the amalgamation of three universities, the Zhengzhou University, the Zhengzhou University of Technology and the Henan Medical University. There are 12 major subject streams taught there, Science and Technology, Arts, Medicine, Literature, History, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Management, Agriculture and Education and Engineering (Mechanical, Electronic, Information and Chemical). The University comprises 46 Schools and Departments, 09 hospitals, 99 undergraduate courses, 55 Pots Graduate Degree Programmes, 261 Secondary Post Graduate Degree programmes, 21 Doctorate Degree programmes and 128 Secondary Doctorate Degree programmes. 52,000 undergraduates, 15,000 Prost Graduates and 15,000 international students are studying in the University.
IVS looks after the needs and boars and lodging of students and confirms their security and protection of students going for overseas universities and facilitates their education till they finish their university life and return to the Island.
During the past several years, thousands of high official of the State and private sectors, Doctors, Engineers and Accountants have been generated from students sent overseas for education by the Institute of Vocational Studies (IVS).
Address : Head Office, 476, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya
Branch Office : 691/9, Mulgampola, Kandy
Telephone : 0777-444500, 0112-910323
Fax : 0114-810829
Email : [email protected]/ [email protected]
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