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University of London LL.B from CfPS! ; CfPS Academy in The Forefront of Private Sector Legal Education

Deciding your future goals and creating a proper path to achieve them is the next big thing you have to do after sitting for your public exams. Many of us are left lost at a certain age when it comes to selecting what path would suit you the best. The best investment you could insert into your life is a decent level of education which could mold you to become an established citizen very soon. And getting educated at the right place and university is as important as selecting your life partner.
In just 3 years, students would be able to complete their LL.B degree. And if a student is already a degree holder of any field it would only take a minimum period of 2 years to complete the LL.B degree.
Once the student has obtained the degree, he or she would easily receive entry to the Law College to pursue professional qualification. This procedure would seem time saving and productive for students as it would directly open gates to the Sri Lankan Law College without any pressure in facing the challenging Law College entrance examination. A LL.B degree holder will only take a year to complete the Law College exam and students will be able to take oaths as an Attorney-at-Law Deciding to study law from the University of London LL.B not only opens a gate towards many wide paths.
Therefore individuals who also follow the fields of medicine, engineering, teaching, business and many more also tend to follow the legal study as it is important to know the ethical rules of right conduct when making accurate decisions.

Which institute should I select?
Just as mentioned above, selecting the right place to continue your studies is as important as selecting your life partner as it could either make you or break you.
CfPS is an ideal place for you to start of your career developing professional studies as it would provide you with excellent support which you require to complete your course of study to the highest level.
Unlike other institutes who would only provide you with the study pack notes and lectures, CfPS is proud enough to announce the uniqueness and accessibility we are able to offer you with in order to support our students with special classrooms, libraries, practical development and much more facilities.

What students would benefit by selecting CfPS?
What makes CfPS even better is that students are provided with the opportunity to engage in internships once they reach the 2nd and 3rd year. Students will be able to work as interns under professional senior individuals among the legal profession. This would give students an excellent exposure to understand the working environment and handling of legal documentations and other important procedures. Learning through experience could teach you something that notes can’t. And that’s why CfPS offers their students with this opportunity as we believe that experience cannot be gained through books but only by a realistic presence of a working environment. Therefore once students have completed their LL.B through CfPS, they are strong and courageous enough to accept any challenge in a positive mind and climb greater heights much faster.

When can I join CfPS?
CfPS would welcome students with open arms if they have completed their London advanced level examination in August and also students who are following the local A/L exams are able to apply along with their ordinary level O/L results. The next intake would be starting in February 2019 which will enable students to register for this prestigious course of study. CfPS offers an early entrance for students to begin their career developing studies as it is important to make the most of a child’s valuable time. Delaying such professional studies would probably delay a student’s dream in achieving what he or she needs.
It is our responsibility to mold young students at an early stage into matured citizens so that they would be able to face challenges and compete within the relevant field and be outstanding among other competitors.

The strength and establishment of CfPS
CfPS law institute has earned its name by delivering the promises made to their students over a long period of time. Without a strong staff body there would be no institute and which is why CfPS is proud enough to hire the best panel of lecturers to deliver the course to their students.
These talented lecturers are passionate and enthusiastic practitioners and academics. It is due to this dedicated workforce that we as a team we could stand tall bringing outstanding results during the University of London LL.B examinations.
Opportunities for students
Here at CfPS students are provided with a wide range of opportunities to make the most for their life. Giving an opportunity for every student to learn, CfPS offers the LL.B program on fulltime base and also on a weekend part time base. CfPS gives students an opportunity to work as interns under members who are in the field. There is also a free and interesting student life at CfPS where students have various societies and committees to be involved in Toast Master club, debating society and many more.Selecting CfPS as the station to begin your Law dream is the perfect decision a student and parent could ever make as there would never be any mean of regret since you would receive all what you need and so much more. Located at a convenient area in Colombo 7, No.151 Dharmapala Mawatha, provides an easy accessibility for everyone to visit.
For further inquiry our line is free to be contacted on 0112447790, 0112421665 or 0772244239 or email us at [email protected] and we would provide you with all the support and answers to all your questions with a happy heart

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