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Creativity is the Top 3 Skills Employers will Seek By 2020

In 2015, creativity ranked 10th on the list. But it’s one of the top three skills employers will seek by 2020. We’re bombarded by new information, new technologies and new problems to solve. And employers need creative people who can apply ideas along with tech to new products and services to improve and sustain businesses.
The Creative industries have been identified as important economic growth strategies, according to the UNESCO. According to the United Nations, these industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy, generating $2.25 billion in revenue and 29.5 million jobs worldwide. In that sense, countries are harnessing the potential of high-growth areas of the market for economic returns and poverty alleviation.
Every parent wants their children to be successful in their future. But not just in education but also in their career and life. Higher education plays an important role since this also builds personality and gives the right knowledge that they will apply in their careers and lives.
AMDT, School of Creativity, has been vigorously endorsing the importance of a Creative economy for Sri Lanka since it was founded in 2005. The Creative industries of Sri Lanka have taken a large leap from its inception and today grown into many Creative enterprises that help Sri Lanka take its place known to the world.
Choosing the right Creative higher-education pathway plays an important role in a successful career. These days employers require an undergraduate degree qualification to make sure you have the knowledge and skills essential to start, grow and sustain in a proper career. But it’s a fact that people have become smarter and found better ways to an undergraduate degree.
The smartest way is to study a Pearson BTEC HND (Creative) for two years and then study one more year to obtain a Creative degree. This way you will have two qualifications and the most important factor is that your expenses will be much-much lesser (usually 3-4 times less).
Pearson (formerly Edexcel) is the most trusted UK institution recognized by professionals, many industries, and universities around the world.
AMDT, School of Creativity is the only Pearson approved centre to offer 16 different Creative HNDs in Sri Lanka. AMDT was awarded the ‘Partner Excellence Award’ at the ‘Pearson UK Higher Education Awards’ held at Cinnamon Lakeside this year.
At present AMDT offers these courses: Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Advertising, Marketing, Fashion Design, Textile, Film, Television, Game Development, Interactive Multimedia, Interior, Journalism, Photography, Sound, Web& App Development. These internationally recognized courses are taught by a highly qualified and experienced panel of lecturers through interactive classroom sessions that produced many international award-winning Creatives. You can call 0114381981 to speak to a ‘Course Advisor’ to discuss the Creative opportunities or simply visit www.amdt.lk for further information.

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