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Visit a hospital. Seems like you will always see nurses, doctors, lots of complicated equipment, beds, and so on. This gives people the impression that Healthcare is not really changing. Yes, there are new drugs, better procedures, but for most of us it seems like things are not changing that much. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.
As stated in Forbes, “To say that healthcare is changing would be an understatement.” All around the world technology, society, and business models are drastically transforming the healthcare industry. Some healthcare jobs will disappear or evolve into exciting new careers and many new jobs will come into being as this transformation continues at an ever increasing pace.
Is this important to today’s “Healthcare” students? It certainly is! If you could have your qualification today and start work the midpoint of your career would be around year 2040, and the peak of your career will be around year 2060. Do you think the hospital of 2040 or 2060 will look like the hospital of today? There will be huge, revolutionary changes. Doctors will communicate directly by Internet with specialists thousands of miles away. Robots will perform routine tasks. Nurses (if they are still called nurses) will have increased responsibilities. Hospital administration, customer service, and human resource management will be critical elements in the business model. Technology will be pervasive and dominate many areas of “Patient care”. Costs will rise and finance specialists will be important to patients as well as medical businesses. Even travel and tourism will enter the picture as patients travel the globe for economical healthcare or unique treatments. And year 2040 may just be the midpoint of your career, with today’s healthcare students reaching their peak in 2060 or beyond. This is not the next generation – this is YOU.
Some of the exciting new careers you may be able to look forward to:
This exists now. Mercy Virtual in the USA is a 12,000 square meter facility with 330 staff but no beds! Patients are managed virtually via telehealth-based approaches. This is a new but rapidly growing development. Doctors will need to work on their “webside manner”, not necessarily “bedside manner”.
The use of precision medicine to treat patients will become the norm, limiting the use of bulk pharmaceutical drugs. Robots will handle the routine process but compounding pharmacists will feed the correct information about the patients based on individual factors such as genetics, medical imaging, analytics, and other personalized factors.
Healthcare will see a whole new breed of counselors as a result of the medical developments that take place and research leads to new discoveries.
Evolving new technologies are always expensive until they become mainstream. The business of finance will play an important role in patient care.
As the healthcare industry evolves so will the nursing profession. As more and more routine tasks are managed by computers and robots; nurses will be able to turn their attention to more advanced activities, creating superior career opportunities and rewarding careers.
Increased diversity and competition has already created a huge demand for marketing, promotion, and sales in healthcare and related areas. This will only increase, creating a further demand for professionals with medical knowledge and business skills.
As the cost of travel continues to decrease and healthcare develops on a global scale, patients will travel the globe looking for the best medical experience, often combining treatment with a holiday recovery period – Medical Tourism as it is referred to. Sri Lanka is particularly well positioned to benefit from such a development with…

…lower medical costs, capable medical professionals, and outstanding tourism options. Healthcare will need professionals able to advise patients in this area.
As you can see, the Healthcare Industry is undergoing tremendous change and will continue to do so at an accelerated pace.
Opportunities will abound for healthcare professions. The question is, will you be prepared?
Come and talk to the future-focused professionals at PATHE and let us advise you for now and the future!
PATHE Academy, the #1 private sector healthcare educational provider in Sri Lanka offers great opportunities for students to obtain professional and Academic qualifications in many disciplines since 1996.
What PATHE offers:
PATHE Faculty of Health Sciences offers World Class Academic and professional programmes for Sri Lankan youth.
The students can choose from a range of Diploma Level and Higher National Diploma Level programmes including
• Foundation in Health Sciences
• Advanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences
• Advanced Diploma in General Nursing
• Advanced Diploma in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine
• Advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
• Higher Diploma in General Nursing
• Higher Diploma in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
• Higher Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)
• Higher Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences
• Graduate Diploma in General Nursing

Recognition and Accreditations:
The Healthcare qualifications are highly recognized in educational and governmental establishments anationally and internationally. PATHE has produced over 3,000 healthcare graduates who are now working in more than 20 countries including the UK, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Finland, Dubai and Cyprus. PATHE’s healthcare programmes are registered by the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition under the PHSRC (Private Health Services Regulatory Council). Students can also get their qualifications obtained through PATHE Academy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the Foreign Ministry Consulate attests their accomplishments confirming their eligibility for foreign employment.
Additional Services offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences:
• Student Loan Facilities
• One year of industrial training included for every course (CPT)
• 100% job assurance upon successful completion of the course.
For more information about Healthcare programmes at PATHE
Visit –
Call – 0721566566/ 0720239735 / 0112363112
Email –[email protected]
(PATHE House – 07, Rajaguru Sri SubuthiMawatha, Colombo 6)

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