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Great Start to a Great Career ; For ANC Transfer Students – fall 18

“ANC Makes a US/ Canadian Degree More Accessible…”
In the years since ANC’s founding, the values by which it was established in 2002 have been continually affirmed as ANC has prepared thousands of local students to work in a global workforce through its remarkable partnerships with US and Canadian universities. Hundreds of well-accredited US universities of California, New York, Texas, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maine, Washington, Wisconsin, Montana, and Missouri as well as several top universities from Canada, such as the University of Alberta, University of Toronto, Acadia University, University of British Columbia, McMaster University, University of Waterloo have accepted approximately 2100 ANC students to date.
ANC seeks to collaborate with more universities every year, while strengthening its ongoing partnerships to ensure that ANC transfer students have a sweeping range of choices and land on the right college for them, which, in turn, will ensure that they get the most from their college experience.
5 freshmen accepted in the new intake – fall 18 shared their excitement as they discussed what inspired them to have enrolled on ANC’s US/ Canadian degree transfer programs. Edited excerpts follow:
“US Universities are Grounded in STEM Education.”
Shadeesha Ranmuthu
Past Student-Royal Institute
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
US universities provide a wide range of courses in every field you can think of and the best colleges for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) degrees are from the USA. They are infused with the latest, state-of-the-art facilities, first class flight simulators, for example. Industrial placements in world-class organizations; the opportunity to assisting faculty in groundbreaking research projects; strong student support services such as academic advising, mentoring, and tutoring; etc. are also benefits enjoyed by students studying in the US.
After visiting many institutions, I was convinced that it’s through ANC’s US Degree Transfer program I can chase my dream career to become a pilot. I’m interested in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a leader in aviation and aerospace engineering. Several ANC students have transferred to Embry-Riddle in the past…”
“Entrepreneurship and Innovation are Embedded in US University Curriculums.”
Saurika Livindu
Past Student-The British School in Colombo
Major: Business
“Increased focus on entrepreneurship and experiential learning ensure that many students studying in US universities are ready to start businesses by the time they complete their undergraduate education. US universities also combine high tech academics with prestigious internships… Entrepreneurship remains strong in both good and bad economic periods…I too want to create something new that will also benefit my local community…
ANC was highly recommended by my cousin brothers who transferred to the US through ANC’s 2+2 program.
“Canada Offers a High Quality of Life.”
Fathima Ammaarah Shiraz
Past Student-ILMA International
Major: English
“More and more international students are choosing to study in Canada not only because of its natural beauty and friendly people, Canada is also home to some of the top universities in the world, and they have a soft stand on immigration. I too want to transfer to a better university in Canada such as the University of Waterloo or the University of British Columbia to major in English-I have enjoyed English Literature since my childhood, and it’s my ambition to be a good writer one day.
ANC’s transfer program is recognized as a well-designed pathway for students seeking admission to US/ Canadian universities… It’s a very welcoming environment at ANC. I’m sure I have got off to a good start.”
“ANC Makes a US Degree More Accessible.”
Lakshan Uduwana
Past Student-St. Peter’s College
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
“There are about 5000 US universities offering nearly 1000 degree programs in every field of study from Arts and Sciences to Education and Engineering. And we can change our major as late as our second or even third year of school. It’s only in the US I wanted to pursue my degree in Aeronautical engineering… ANC has been a stepping stone for thousands of students including many Peterites to a top-notch education. The success stories of some past students of ANC – some are commercial pilots now – inspired me to start my education at ANC.
“ANC Offers a Superior Learning Experience.”
Dhilshan Ariwalagan
Past Student-Royal Institute
Major: Automotive Engineering
“ANC emphasizes that even a field as specialized as engineering requires a broad background if we are to succeed in this competitive world. My major is Automotive Engineering, but I have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of fields at ANC through the General Education program that includes communication skills, such as English composition, speech, and technical report writing; humanities; social sciences; math; natural sciences; and IT. All these courses are offered by the Northwood University of the USA, and ANC maintains the same US standards in delivering this program in Sri Lanka. Our professors are great teachers and act as academic advisors as well. We are always comfortable asking questions and asking for help. Our classrooms, the library, computer labs, etc. are all equipped with everything we need for a superior learning experience.”
It’s noteworthy that ANC is the only institute to enable local students to have access to the same standard of education as practiced in America and Canada. ANC’s decade long relationship with globally recognized universities assures every student, who completes two years of studies at ANC successfully, of a smooth transfer between colleges.
Students are encouraged to choose the best university in terms of credit transferability, university accreditation, affordability, and the opportunity to work in Sri Lanka upon graduation if they wish to return. Attending to college and visa applications, liaising with the universities for a positive acceptance, coaching for visa, conducting mock visa interviews, as well as educating students and parents on transfer options available, US education system, cost and financial aid etc. are some of the services available at the transfer office at ANC.
ANC also ensures that students have one-on-one discussions with US/ Canadian university representatives and visa advisory sessions by the embassy. What’s more, student performance is very closely monitored to make sure that they maintain a better GPA throughout.
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