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Offered by the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon ; Join the Graduateship in Chemistry Programme

The Institute of Chemistry Ceylon which through its educational arm, the College of Chemical Sciences, has offered a globally recognized, low cost and highly popular GraduateshipProgramme in Chemistry at week-ends since 1979,and is now being offered in both week end and weekdays.
This programme, which has produced about 1400 Graduate Chemists so far and is since 1996 the largest single provider of such chemists at an academic level equivalent to a four year special honours degree in chemistry of a recognized University was originally commenced (with a view to cater to the adults, employed, late developers and middle level employed persons) has over the past 40 years attracted a very large number of school leavers including some of those selected for conventional university admission in Sri Lanka.
This alternate path provided at extremely low cost with unique features and assured of completion within 4 years has proved to be so attractive since it is globally recognized and a large number of the Graduate chemists so produced have been able to obtain employment abroad and be accepted for Post-graduate studies leading up to PHD in some of the best universities in Countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand.

Graduate Chemists – 2017
Professor SujathaHewage, is the new Honorary Rector of the College.Gradauate chemists from the college have been highly taken up by the academics in USA and Canada, who have made excellent progress in their post-graduate studies. Since an exceptionally large number of prospective students have already registered for the programme commencing in January and much more will register once the A/L results are released, the only way to accommodate this large number will be to duplicate the programme on three week-days so that none of the qualified applicants will be left out

DLTC Students at the 14th Convocation (2018) held at BMICH
Late registrations are therefore now been entertained even provisionally from those awaiting A/L results and are requested to download the application form and prospectus free of charge from web site www.ichemc.edu.lkor contact the Institute office Adamantane Houseat 341/22, Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya (near post-office) or phone 011-2861231/2861653.
They are also invited to attend the open day to be held at 9.30 am on Sunday December 16that the said address in order to obtain more information.

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