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Life-Long Learning PG Programmes From MSU for a Successful Tomorrow

The Management & Science University (MSU) has a reputation for providing distinctive postgraduate programmes.With the demanding needs and inability to be away from work, we understand that professionals have demanding obligations that may make it difficult for them to participate in a traditional or conventional postgraduate programmes.
As such, the mission of MSU is to offer a postgraduate programmes that meet the specific needs of this group, alongside to better contribute to the society by preparing leaders to be better equipped with 21st century knowledge that will provide better experience to customers.
In ensuring that the postgraduate programmes nurtures business leaders of tomorrow; unique components emphasise knowledge management, hospitality as well as cost management and revenue maximization as these have critical significance for both industry and societies. With their meticulously crafted curriculums, the University’s programs of study are among the best in the region, producing graduates that are a popular pick among employers in top notch companies.
The recent QS World Universities Ranking 2018 Places Management and Science University (MSU) 217th in the QS Asia Ranking 2018, the inaugural entry ranks Management and Science University (MSU) in the top 1.8% among Asia’s best universities.
MSU’s postgraduate programme is designed to develop innovative leaders of tomorrow to understand the issues of globalization and learn how to face challengers such as global competitiveness in a borderless economy and ICT technology. Without doubt, MSU’s innovative curriculum coupled with impeccable teaching standards; cutting edge research and distinguished faculty members of the highest international reputation; prepare students to become leaders in our diverse, multicultural society.
Apart from the above recognitions MSU has gained, the Curriculum which they follow encourages Active Learning Exercises which act as a basis for verbal analysis and discussion, allowing for a rich learning environment by integrating the “real” world into the classroom to broaden students’ understanding of issues by inviting them to think beyond the text material.
In addition the Distinguished Facultyare accomplished teachers who have also made significant contributions to the business world, both as academicians and working professionals.
Professors at MSU are rigorously selected worldwide from among the best consultants and professionals in their fields.
MSU’s MBA programme helps students to develop skills in leadership; entrepreneurship; strategic management; and decision making; and train them to become successful corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in diverse competitive markets.
GMC has established collaborative educational links with a number of top overseas universities in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, UK, Germany, USA and others. The Postgraduate Student Exchange Programme is a means to provide international exposure to postgraduate students. Through this programme, students will have the opportunity to develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures and economic environments, and approaches of doing business.
Reasons to Pursue MSU’s MBA Programme
(As endorsed by current students & alumni members)
• The MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation focuses on Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Revenue Management for Hospitality & Tourism Industry.
• To create a global network
• To be better entrepreneurs
• To obtain a strategic orientation and the ability to implement the strategies formulated
• To increase confidence in all areas of business
• To develop management skills and techniques
• To possess a broad understanding of business and management issues
• To understand the global issues and strategies
• To improve one’s knowledge base and skills
Students can get more information through MSU’s Local representative, The Management and Science Institute (MSI). Visit MSI at No 300 Galle Road, Colombo 3, Tel 0112576644, 0112576700, Hot Line 0770777880, email [email protected] or visit us on or

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