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Career Development Centre Launches Website For Wider Reach in Australian Migration Consultancy

The Career Development Centre (CDC) which has been at the forefront of Australian migration consultancy believes in keeping pace with the times in a world with dynamic changes to stay on top of the game. With well over a decade of experience in being a leading name in the competitive field of Australian migration consultancy, the CDC now takes its reach of service and presence to hopeful migrants to Australia to the next level by launching its official website which will enable anyone to get a comprehensive idea of what the CDC is and what it stands for. The CDC team therefore invites with great pleasure to all interested parties to visit the website at
The purpose of this new development in the company’s communication infrastructure is to be connected online with clients and future clients with the reach of social media platforms as well, which means a well rounded online reach has been developed for the CDC under the vision of its dynamic managing directress Unee Samanthika Pathirage. The new website will be compatible to any smart device and ensures maximum reach.
Existing clients as well as hopeful migrants will benefit immensely from this new step taken by the CDC. Up to date regular information with the latest news and details related to Australian migration will be featured on the CDC website which will cover changes in criteria of different visa categories, sponsor demand lists, upcoming trends and what may be anticipatable measures from the Australian migration authorities that will affect hopeful migrants.
The CDC envisions its website to be a portal for vital information for both existing CDC clients as well as those who have their dreams of migrating to greener pastures in Australia. Apart from the official statements of the Australian migration authorities the CDC will also feature credible, reliable information sourced from persons in Australia, knowledgeable on the subject as to what details though relevant have not been visibly published by Australian migration authorities. Registered clients can get full up to date information on matters relating to their application process from the website and will even be messaged by the CDC via this online platform.
With regard to matters pertaining to general visa processing the CDC wishes to inform all hopeful migrants to Australia that many last minute changes occur with regard to criteria and demand lists of visa categories and therefore the wise decision would be to opt for the available option without delay. Next year is speculated to usher in a whole new set of changes that will very likely catch the unprepared by surprise.
The CDC strongly recommends to all hopeful migrants that the best chance of making your journey across to greener pastures would be to ensure setting your sails early in advance with the most readily available visa category option even if it doesn’t seem the most ideal to match your initial plans.
The importance of diligence and readiness must be grasped by both applicants and migration consultants. Being aware of sudden opportunities and developments and how to seize them are essential. Such measures are always rewarding for clients and consultants. And the CDC knows that being in touch with up to date information is absolutely vital in the field of Australian migration.
Therefore it is highly important for any hopeful migrant with serious aspirations to reach greener pastures in Australia to be registered with an experienced migration consultancy like the CDC to ensure that opportunities with very small time frames can be grabbed as soon as they are available with expert guidance.
Declaring the truth is essential for building trust without selling bogus promises and taking advantage of the dreams and hopes of clients. The CDC’s credo has always encompassed transparency and upfront evaluation of a client’s chances and will not hesitate to indicate if an applicant does not have much scope under prevailing Australian migration policies at that time. Many an applicant that was not given the full picture and was let down halfway by various operators in the field of migration consultancy has sought the guidance of the CDC and found their hopes and dreams realised.
Next year’s programme year looks poised with policy changes and therefore the CDC wishes to announce that the company will begin its registration and application process by December this year. Careful planning cannot be done at a moment’s notice and therefore the CDC requests all interested hopeful migrants to take the first step as soon as possible.
The CDC will be looking into developing IELTS competency of applicants, especially those who wish to apply as IT professionals and Accountants because the IELTS requirements is now increasing to a very high level and applicants must be ready to face the challenge without suffering last minute disappointments due to low IELTS scores.
Preparation includes primary plans as well as contingencies. And claiming points to meet the required mark is not always an easy task. Claiming points from one’s spouse’s skills and qualifications is always an aspect that must be thoroughly looked into. And the CDC is always ready to ensure that every applicant is equipped with a backup plan as well.
The CDC believes in being a proactive migration consultant by liaising with authorities to ensure up to date information and clarifications are obtained for the benefit of the company’s clients. Being proactive is one of the key pieces of advice the CDC imparts to all hopeful migrants. Never wait till the last minute.
Processing must begin as soon as possible. The work process for applications involve claiming spouse’s marks, IELTS marks, and a host of other preparatory work that needs to be fully ready by July 2019.
Trust transparency diligence and commitment are hallmark values of the CDC work ethic that has ensured the CDC’s position as an unmatched leader in the field of Sri Lanka’s Australian migration consultancy.
If you have aspirations of reaching greener pastures in Australia please visit the website of the CDC at and get a comprehensive overview of what the CDC’s scope is like and pay a visit to the office, where upon entering you will get a glimpse of the many accolades the company proudly showcases as testimonies to their success.
The accolades being none other than the joyful words and pictures of successful clients who have reached their dreams and wish to express their thankfulness.

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