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Study MBBS / Engineering in Europe

World-leading universities, top facilities, inspirational teaching… in Europe, you’re at the centre of an international community with a passion for learning. What makes European universities so strong is the emphasis on creativity, innovation and support – helping you to reach your true potential. Europe is a welcoming, friendly place for students from all around the world. Europe’s universities and colleges offer support and social activities to help you feel at home and happy. Europe is also a great place to live. Studying in Europe is not just about lectures and libraries, it is also a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover new countries and to discover yourself too! From the snowy north to the sun-soaked south, across Europe you will find breath-takingly beautiful landscapes, buzzing cities and vibrant cultures waiting for you.
European countries invest in their higher education systems to help make education affordable for students, whilst maintaining high quality standards. Across Europe, tuition fees and living costs compare very well to other study destinations.
Latvia, the Pearl of the Baltic States, is one of the European Union member states and is situated in the North of Europe – on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Latvia is a multi cultured state, where the traditions of all these countries have merged, creating a unique environment.
Grand Royal Education (GRE) together with Riga TU Information Center, The official Information and Study Center in Sri Lanka, has been directing Sri Lankan students for Medicine / Engineering for many years and has become the number 01 Foreign Educational Provider for Europe in the country with the excellent service given to the nation.
Grand Royal Education in collaboration with several world renowned universities in the European Union has helped thousands of students to reap the highest return on their investment in education. Those who have gained the minimum qualification are eligible to enter the University.
When selecting a foreign university, one has to be assuring with the recognition, affordability, facilities, the demand for the degree and the security. Our Engineering Partner universities are recognized globally, while Medical Universities are recognized by SLMC, WHO and globally. There is no hidden cost and students can gain a world recognized degree for a lower cost than any other degree from a foreign country. It provides an unlimited student support including documentation process, Direct University Admission, Visa arrangements, Accommodation, Airport Pickup and Transportation and host of other services that gives a relief for the parents who needs assurance with the child’s Future Education. Students who register early as possible can enroll with the Free Introductory Course in Mathematics and Language or Introductory Course in Medicine and Language conducted by the Grand Royal Education in Sri Lanka which will be an added advantage for their education abroad.
Study The First Semester of a European University in Sri Lanka.
Now Sri Lankan Students can enroll our Sri Lanka Based Program where you study the First semester in Sri Lanka with the Riga Technical University Official Information and Study Center after register in the University.

Advantage of this program is ….
• Students who are doing A/L in Bio, B Tech, ETech also can be joined to any engineering program in EU through this.
• Ability to join a degree program in Europe with minimum results
• No any additional charges for Sri Lankabased program
• Ability to apply for European scholarships just after 1st semester.
The benefit in taking this route is the significant saving time and adopting to the foreign education. This program is instrumental in instilling a professional outlook that will give students the required focus to embark on undergraduate studies. This programme has a highly qualified and experienced panel of lectures. This dedicated lecture panel has expertise in the close supervision, guidance and counseling of students to get them ready for the degree.
Most of the parents are dreaming of sending their child to a European University but take the step back by thinking about that the cost will be unbearable. But the parents who visit our center get amazed by the fee structure and the benefits that the students get where no one else can provide for the low cost. ERASMUS Scholarships are available for the successful students with the guaranty of 20 hours part time jobs during the study period and 100% Job recruitment after graduation.
• Aircraft Engineering.
• Civil Engineering.
• Mechanical Engineering.
• Bio Medical Engineering.
• Textile Engineering.
• Medical Engineering and Physics.
• IT
Medical Fields

• Medicine
• Dentistry.
• Pharmacy
• Nursing.

Our Partner Universities
• Riga Technical State University
• Riga Stradins Medical University
• Thuriba university
• Agricultural University

Why to choose our Universities?
• Situated in the European Union.
• Recognition of the degree
• Schenegen Visa
• Part Time Job Opportunities.
• ERSMUS Scholarships.
• 24 Hr Library Service.
• Luxury Accommodation.
• Guaranteed Jobs.
• Global Recognition.
• The Lowest Cost.
• Standardized Education System.
• World recognized, well experienced Lecture panel.
• Conducive Study Environment.
Riga Technical State University
Riga Technical University (RTU) is the oldest University in Latvia and it has long standing traditions dating back to 1862. It is and accredited, fully state owned, internationally recognized European Level University. RTU is the only Engineering University, providing Engineering Programs and Business Studies in Latvia.
The Child gets the Schengen Visa which allows the child the travel in the Schengen countries and Latvian Education is accessible to international students due to its affordable tuition fees and moderate living costs. Riga Stradins Medical University
Riga Stradins University is a public university located in the city of Riga, Latvia. The Stradins name in the university’s title is fitting, since members of the Stradins family have had a significant influence on the course of community and academic life in Latvia for over a century.University of Latvia Faculty of Medicine ensured the passing on of the values, standards, and quality of education in medicine. Riga Stradins University is a state-funded university which offers various study programs and ensures the realization of scientific projects, providing training of experts in health care and social sciences who work in Latvia and across the world.
Riga Stradins University is the only university in Latvia which has traditionally been integrated into the healthcare system of the country, and therefore ensures a successful run of the university, which is a precondition for an effective existence of the health care system in Latvia.
In European Union…..
Now you can start yourengineering . degree with tuition fee1500 USD(SL. BASE) (less than 260000 LKR) onwards. Don’t late and join for totally free pre university engineering program and medicine program now. More detail 0711 707070 0711606060
Most of our representative universities offer Post Graduate opportunities in Germany, France, USA, Japan and UK with the collaboration of the universities in the mentioned countries and students can the chance of applying for scholarships for these universities.
Registrations are limited for the 2018/2019 intakes and hurry up to grab your opportunity to study in a world recognized university in Europe.
For more details visit www.grandroyal.com
Call – 0711 – 70 70 70 / 0711- 60 60 60/ 0710808080

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