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Horizon Campus Takes The Lead in Early Childhood Education ; – One of The Fastest Growing Industry Sectors

Horizon Campus having recently launched an early childhood education program that is designed in response to the increasing need for certified early childhood educators, outlined the future predictions for the industry and the many career prospects that were available in the market.
The spokesperson from Horizon Campus stated that an encouraging market for early childhood educators prevailed at present.
He said that both national and international shortages in the early childhood sector have been prevalent for years and looked set to continue.
Today, with a renewed focus on the importance and benefits of a strong pre-school education, and with the recognition that early childhood educators can make a difference in the lifelong learning experiences of their students, the field of early childhood education was growing at a relatively stable rate for the first time in several decades, thereby making the outlook and prospects even better for the next generation of teachers.
He further explained that therefore, today’s aspiring early childhood educators had a robust career field ahead of them, with a wave of new jobs and opportunities to advance and grow professionally within individual employment settings across the sector.
Those who successfully obtain their undergraduate degree in early childhood education had several career options open to them, with great employment prospects that include a good balance of both public teaching positions and private institutions and even overseas .
This means that an investment made in training and education in this field will be rewarded with plenty of career opportunities,as there is virtually zero unemployment in this field, which is not expected to change any time soon.The normal career path in early childhood education will generally follow an upward path of promotions. One can start by working in a preschool and then move on to designing curriculum or working for private education companies that will need the guidance of teachers to develop learning tools and products aimed at young learners and can even eventually move to a policy or management position in education.
He added that Horizon Campus’s Early Childhood Education Degree, keeping in line with industry requirements, covered a comprehensive curriculum that gives a foundation in specialty training in childhood development, literacy, diversity, behavior, and more.
Through the coursework, participants will learn how to establish expectations, develop teaching plans, work with developmental needs, partner with parents, and set their students on the path to a life full of success.
The aim he said was to enable their certification students to become outstanding early childhood teachers, decision makers, and intellectual and ethical leaders. He concluded by saying that by gaining the right qualifications and with plenty of concentrations and many career avenues to pursue,early childhood education today is slated as a really great choice for those who relate well with children and have a passion for teachingand has become a career for life, with opportunities for progression into leadership positions in the field of education.
Interested parties can obtain further information by visiting or by contact 0716 623 623, 0713 519 999 , 0114 365 555 or visit Horizon Campus at Malabe.

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