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After O/L’s, Join One-Year A/L’s Program With Pre-Medical Foundation at IMC

10 reasons why parents and students should select 1-year Fast Track A/Level program at IMC
International Medical Campus (IMC) is the leading Provider of direct placements of students to Medical Universities in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. IMC has a portfolio of Universities in four continents which provide wider options for students who are planning to pursue a lucrative and a fulfilling career in Medicine.
IMC also provide a pathway program for students who are eager and have the drive to fulfill their dream of becoming a medical doctor but do not have the required grades to enter medical universities overseas. IMC is the only institution in Sri Lanka which provides a Pre-Medicine program to bridge this gap from a medical university, namely Vitebsk State Medical University of Belarus. IMC is the only overseas learning center of VSMU to deliver their pre-med.

Why IMC Pre-med Program?
1. Save 2 years of time spend for A/Levels
Pre-Medical programs at IMC allow students to save more than 2 years from their education. Since A/Level examination pathway typically takes 2 to 3 years in school with additional tutorial support, IMC Pre-Medical foundation assures medical university admission in just 1 year.

2. Affordable than A/Levels
IMC Pre-Medical programs allow parents to save more than Rs.1 million from their education investment. Combined with flexible payment methods, bank loans, and the financial / career advantage of saving 2 year plus time by not following traditional A/Level system IMC Pre-Medical program becomes an affordable choice.

3. Assurance of Medical University Admission
IMC Pre-Medical programs prepare students for London A/Level Cambridge curriculum with an assurance of meeting and exceeding Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) minimum eligibility criteria and university admission criteria. The Pre-Medical programs curriculum is designed to prepare the mind-set of students to enter and succeed in Medical universities.

4. A/Level Embedded Curriculum With Assurance of Meeting SLMC Eligibility Criteria
The IMC Pre-Medical Foundation programs allow students to meet Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) minimum eligibility criteria within a period of just 1 year. The foundation curriculum includes parallel A/level coaching with more than 100 Question paper reviews through IMC QBank and assures successful A/Level results.

5. All Round Skill Development
IMC Pre-Medical programs prepare students to upgrade their soft-skills for future medical education and careers. Skills such as communication, leadership innovation, problem solving, team work and decision making is deepened through classroom studies and extra-curricular activities.
6. Access to World’s Best Medical System in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe
IMC offers Pre-Medical program pathways to world’s best Medical systems, namely: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe, while students enjoy the unlimited career opportunities offered by these medical systems.

7. Internationally Recognized Medical University Pathways
IMC Pre-Medical programs are awarded by two of the world’s best Medical universities – Melaka Manipal Medical College, Malaysia (Manipal University) and Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU), Eastern Europe. With such highly recognized university names behind, IMC students are recognized internationally and locally.
8. Exceptional Academic and Clinical Preparation
IMC offers academic preparation in pre-clinical and clinical sciences to prepare the students for their respective medical universities.
This preparation allows students to perform at an exceptional level and to achieve high grades compared to those students who do not have this training.

9. PhD Qualified Faculty
IMC Pre-Medical program is delivered by PhD qualified professors from Local and Overseas Universities with exceptional teaching experience. A/Level coaching is conducted by experienced A/Level teachers from leading schools.

10. Centrally Located with Easy Access
IMC is located in Colombo 06, close proximity to Galle Road, one of the busiest roads in Colombo. The area around IMC Campus is surrounded by many shopping malls, restaurants, cinema, and other recreational and entertainment centers. The Wellawatta beach, marine drive, Indian Ocean is all located in walking distance to IMC Campus. Students from outstations and overseas find many affordable and safe accommodation options close by to IMC campus.
If you have the passion to become a medical doctor and the determination to achieve your goal your present grades should not hinder your progress. IMC have the solution by way of the pre-med.

For more information and enrolments for the July intake please Call IMC Colombo on 0774410782 or IMC Kandy on 0773 230 033
You can also visit our website to find out more information about our pre-medical programs after O/Level. You are also welcome to visit our campus No.7 Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mawatha. Colombo 06.

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