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Algoma University of Canada to Reach Out to ANC Students

ANC Education prides itself on its US/ Canada Degree Transfer Program, which has enabled thousands of local students to continue their higher education in well-accredited universities of international repute. As Canada’s popularity is growing as a study abroad destination for international students, ANC seeks collaboration with more Canadian universities to ensure that ANC transfer students have a wide range of choices available when they seek admission to universities in Canada.
Brent Krmpotich, Director of Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Communications at Algoma University of Canada visited ANC recently in a successful attempt to ease the passage of students from ANC Education to Algoma University.
Algoma University (Algoma U), located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, is the only post-secondary institution devoted solely to undergraduate education in Ontario. Founded in 1965 and incorporated as Algoma University in 2008, the university serves approximately 1500 students, with a 25 per cent international student population today. Accredited by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development of Ontario, the university offers 35 academic programs in 12 departments, including Accounting, Biology, Business Administration, Computer Science, Environmental Science, English, Finance, Law, Psychology, and Fine Arts.
The university is also home to 3 research institutes where undergraduates assist with faculty research projects, an opportunity not available in larger universities.
Given below are a few excerpts from the interview with Brent Krmpotich:
Q: Canada’s international student population has tripled in recent years. What has contributed to this surge?
A: There are several things: one is the quality of education.
Canada boasts uniformly high standards of higher education since all the universities in Canada are public. Second, it’s Canada’s reputation as an open and welcoming society.
There’s no other country that I know of treats international students as well as Canada does: as soon as they land in the country, they get the ability to work on and off campus during their studies. And when they graduate, they become eligible for a post graduation work permit for up to a maximum of three years.
They gain valuable Canadian work experience and earn money. Ultimately, it’s the pathway to qualify for permanent residence. Canada is also a very safe country.
Q: Why should one choose Algoma University?
A: It’s a small nice community where everyone supports one another. We have excellent top quality academic programs in a variety of subjects, and internships and undergraduate research opportunities are available for just about any area of study. The academic atmosphere is marked by individual attention; small class sizes enable students to interact closely with faculty members. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune; our tuition is among the lowest in Canada. It’s only C$ 17,000 per year. That can be half of the cost of some of the largest universities in the developing world. Also, we’ve got on campus housing for everyone, and all the rooms are private rooms.
What’s more, Sault Ste. Marie is a “naturally gifted city” located at the heart of the Great Lakes and “a stone’s throw” from the USA (10 minutes from Michigan and 1 hour from Chicago). As an International Border City,
it is a combination of Canadian and American cultures and provides all the excitement of an urban center. With its spectacular natural beauty, history, culture, nightlife, and dining, the city offers a world-class outdoor experience for Algoma U students waiting to unwind after a day of class. ANC Education: #1 Provider of Local Students to Top-flight Universities
With 16 years of excellence in international education, ANC’s has paved the way for 2000+ students to successfully continue their higher education in top ranking universities in America and Canada.
During their stay at ANC, transfer students complete up to 60 academic credits that meet the standards established in US and Canadian universities, which in turn ensures that they receive academic credit or advanced academic standing in any US/ Canadian university of their choice.
Application services and student VISA assistance, meetings with US/ Canadian university representatives every 6 months, free IELTS/ SAT classes, etc. also ensure a smooth transfer between colleges.
For more information, please contact 0773 95 70 70, visit us at| No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03, or follow us on Facebook:

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