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Best Way To Be a Doctor

As a parent you may have a dream of seeing your child as a Doctor in future and serve human beings to save their lives. A career in Medicine is one of the oldest and most respected professions and it allows the child the potential to impact human life in a way that is truly unique and the job satisfaction the child gets is unparalleled.
Russian Educational Center has carved a niche for itself for providing world class Medical Education at reasonable rates from the world over especially in Russia and European Union. The past years have seen a surge in the number of International students from Sri Lanka, India, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Maldives and globally, opting to study Medicine in the Russian State Medical Universities and this trend is increasing year after year specially due to the Standard of Education, Affordability, Demand for the Russian MBBS, Unique Clinical Practices and the Recognition.
The paramount and supreme Foreign Education Provider fulfilling students’ dreams exceeding the number than any other institute in the country with excellence of 21 years of trustful service to the nation and the only place that enables to handle the most number of Sri Lankans to direct into the foreign universities than any other.
Russian Educational Center is the best foreign medical education provider where more than 80% of Sri Lankan students have entered world renowned Medical Universities through the center, proving quality of service rendered to nation throughout the past 21 years. It is the only institute which handles the maximum number of Sri Lankan students for their higher studies in Medicine / Engineering in Russia and Europe giving the standardized education with continuous support.
Russian Educational Center (REC)the number one foreign medical education provider in Sri Lanka, heart fully congratulate all the Sri Lankan students who successfully completed the Registration process and entered the Medical Universities for September intake 2018.
( A part of REC students who successfully entered to Tver State Medical University, Russia – 2018 September batch prior to departure at BMICH)
\( A part of REC Students who successfully entered Grodno State Medical University, Belarus- 2018 September batch prior to departure at BMICH)
Russian Educational Center (REC) together with Grand Royal Education has been sending Sri Lankan students to Russia for more than 21 years and the graduated students work around the world in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other countries as Medical professionals in the field.
The graduates who wish to serve the mother nation settle in Sri Lanka after successful completion of the ERPM examination and work in both Government and Private Sector.
REC represent the world renowned Russian State Universities which are recognized by the SLMC, WHO and globally. The students with the minimum qualifications which is required by the SLMC ( 2 Credit passes and 1 Simple pass for Bio Stream in A/L) can now apply for Medicine abroad.
Foundation Courses or Pre Medical courses are not recognized by the SLMC and most of the commercialized institutions mislead people of enrolling students with foundation courses.
When selecting a foreign university, one has to be assuring with the recognition, affordability, facilities, the demand for the degree and the security. Our Medical Partner universities are recognized by the SLMC (Sri Lanka Medical Council), UGC,WHO, Medical Councils of UK, USA, EU, Austalia and globally while Engineering Partner Universities are recognized globally. There is no hidden cost and students can gain a world recognized degree for a lower cost than any other degree from a foreign country. It provides an unlimited student support including documentation process, Direct University Admission, Visa arrangements, Accommodation, Airport Pickup and Transportation and host of other services that gives a relief for the parents who needs assurance with the child’s Future Education.
Most important thing is the continuous assistance until graduation given by the center. All the students, parents and graduates highly appreciate REC services rendered to students during their studies.
Students who register early as possible can enroll with the Free Introductory Course in Medicine and Language conducted by the REC in Sri Lanka which will be an added advantage for their education abroad.
After Successful completion of the degree programs, plenty of Post Graduate Opportunities in UK, Germany, USA and Japan are available. Students have the chance of applying for scholarships for above countries with the support of the universities.
Most of our representative universities offer Post Graduate opportunities in Germany, USA, Japan and UK with the collaboration of the universities in the mentioned countries and students can the chance of applying for scholarships for these universities.
As a result of supplying books to students by the university, parents can save money and it will be a great help as the student can start the degree through installments from LKR345,000 ($2200) This is the lowest fee compared to any other country as it costs more than Rs.1 million per year.
Registrations are limited for the year 2019 and hurry up to grab your opportunity to study in a world recognized university in Russia and Europe. For more details visit www.russianec.com Call – 0711- 70 70 70 / 0711 – 80 80 80 /0711 – 60 60 60. Email – [email protected]

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