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Get Scholarships up to 50% – Complete 3rd year @ LNBTI and Work in Japan as IT or Software Engineer

The Lanka Nippon BizTechInstitue (LNBTI) is a BOI-approved IT institute in Sri Lanka that is the sole institute in Sri Lanka providing cost-effective quality IT higher education through collaborations with Japanese universities. LNBTI, a partnership between Sri Lanka’s prestigious hSenid and Metatechno Japan, offers specialized curricula in the fields of Information Technology and Software Engineering.
The programs will produce professionals who are both highly qualified and capable of engaging in related employment in Japan and elsewhere in the world. Focusing on producing professionals informed by Japanese technology education, the LNBTI provides many courses that are geared to your future needs.
What sets us apart
When you study at LNBTI, you can be sure of higher employability in Japan because of the high-quality programs and the Japanese language classes conducted at the institute. You can also gain better internships here or in Japan.
Or you can transfer your credits to Japanese universities after studying here because LNBTI gives you the opportunity to complete your final years in Japan.
Our lecture panel, sourced from the local universities, is experienced and well-informed, and the lecturers take pride in teaching well.
In addition, we have high-profile visiting lecturers from Japan and Sri Lanka, conducting guest lectures and some classes. All of this is done in a high-tech environment with excellent physical resources that will help you in your learning.
Our commitment to you
What is more, we offer you scholarships up to50% for the Japanese technology-based IT and Software Engineering Higher Diploma.
And students can fix an appointment on convenient dates for the scholarship interview.
In addition, we now offer a free English course along with the degree because we want to develop personalities, encourage team play and leadership qualities.

Contact us
We are located at No 278, Highlevel Road, Maharagama. We are reachable on the hotline number0773360000or on email: [email protected] Application forms for our courses can be downloaded through the LNBTI website – www.lnbti.lk.

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