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AMDT Awarded ‘Partner Excellence ; At The Pearson UK Higher Education Awards

AMDT was awarded the ‘Partner Excellence Award’ at the Pearson UK Higher Education Awards held at Cinnamon Lakeside in Sri Lanka. While being the pioneering institute for Creative Education and the development of the Creative industries in Sri Lanka since 2005, AMDT continues its unmatched journey to inspire a Creative country.
AMDT is the only Pearson BTEC Approved Centre to offer 16 Degree Level Creative HNDs in Sri Lanka. For more information about the Pearson BTEC HNDs, please visit
Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals are internationally-recognized ‘Higher Education’ qualifications at level 5 that are equivalent to the first and second years of a university degree, providing progression to both university and employment. BTEC Higher Nationals provide real-world experience, as well as academic knowledge. This ensures that students leave with experience and knowledge recognized by employers and industries. The ability to go straight into employment is an added advantage.
A Pearson BTEC HND is the most practical choice and the right way to get a degree. It’s not only affordable but also genuinely good value for money. Most bachelor degrees are studied for three years. Comparing Creative degree level course fees in Sri Lanka, it is certainly clear that studying a BTEC HND for the first two years is a financial saving of at least three (3) times. But there are also students who do the opposite but fall into a financial burden of not being able to recover their investment.Another important benefit of studying a BTEC HND is, in two years the student is qualified with an internationally recognized UK qualification. And with this, a bachelor’s degree can be obtained with just one more year of studies. This way they are able to have two qualifications (BTEC HND + Bachelor’s Degree) by the end of the third year. The open thinking culture and the carefully chosen and continuously assessed module structure at AMDT provides the platform to its students to be the masters of their own minds making them Creative beyond boundaries whilst it gives them the exposure to the vastly developing creative industry through its series of signature events. You may already know by now, AMDT founded in 2005, is widely recognized as one of the finest schools for Arts & Creativity with a diverse and dynamic Creative community. Aspiring artists in Sri Lanka and around the world find what they need at AMDT to embrace Creativity.
Visit AMDT at 317A, Galle Road, Colombo 04 or call 114381981 for more information.

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