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Management & Science University (MSU) Malaysia is 217th QS Word Ranked University in Asia, With an aspiration to be the one of leading university for specialized and professional education, whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards, The Management and Science University (MSU) is gearing towards meeting the requirements of the education industry of the future with an intensive focus on building teaching strategies that is relevant for the next decade.
Management and Science Institute (MSI) is a fully affiliated higher educational establishment administrated and managed by Management and Science University (MSU), Malaysia and recognized by many other leading universities worldwide including those in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Japan.
Outlining their plans, Mr. Sam Peiris.The Director MSIstated “Our mission is to produce highly employable graduates of distinction that demonstrate leadership, integrity and professionalism”.In order to achieve these criteriathe team at MSU has always maintained impeccable standards and quality in ourindustry-relevant curriculum, along with providing an intellectually stimulating learning environment for our students.”
Differentiating with technology:Mr,Peiris went on to say“Looking at the future we are aware of the ever-changing trends in technology that can impact education in a big way. For instance, the teaching tools have changed over the years with Smartboards replacing chalkboards and tablets replacing textbooks.The future educator therefore must be able to serve as facilitators and guides that adapt their teaching styles to embrace and utilizethese technologies effectively in the classroom, for lessons, assignments, and grading. This in turn will help students learn better and also promotes a collaborative learner-centered environment.At MSU we will be aligning our teaching methodologies to fit into the mould required of the future educator “.
Personalized and Customized learning’s: He added. “We will be having learner-centered classrooms with personalized instructions. Students these days have access to any information through the internetand there is no need to “spoon-feed” knowledge. The one-size fits all” content is not conducive any longer. With students having different personalities, goals and needs, we aim to offer personalized instructions that will pace instructions to match students’ requirements and tailor learning to their interests and abilities.“
Cultivating creativity and innovation: He continued “ while students today own expensive devices with capabilities to produce blogs, info graphics, books, how-to videos, and tutorials, just to name a few, in many classes, they are asked to turn those devices off and work with handouts and worksheets that are simply thrown away once graded .
At MSU we intend to utilizethese devices to teach and motivate our students toview their devices as valuable tools that support knowledge. We will also help enhance their creativity and innovation by getting them to employ these devices to produce beautiful and creative blogs, movies, or digital stories that they feel proud of and share with others. “
Promoting deeper understanding and competency:Explaining furtherMr.Peiris said“ By modeling appropriate use of devices and technologies to produce and publish valuable content, create sharable resources and structuring our academic courses to blend in with well-designed usage of technologies and devices, we can better teach Millennials and allow them to be in control, make their own choices and interact in groups. In this self-directed-learning environment, they can chart their own courses toward task completion, divide tasks, make decisions and learn from the consequences of their actions.”
Fostering Collaboration and Communication: He also outlined “Another important attribute will be to go paperless by organizing teaching resources and activities on our own website and integrating technology to bring students learning experience to a different level. Sharing links and offering digital discussions as opposed to a constant paper flow will allow our students to access and share class resources in a more organized fashion.
Blended Learning Approaches:Mr Peiris further affirmed “As new ways and technologies keep emerging, learning and adapting to it is essential.Technology must be utilized to allow collaboration between teachers & students and create digital resources, presentations, and projects and make classroom activities resemble the real world. This helpsstudents develop their own driving questions, conduct research, contact experts, and create projects.Therefore at MSU we will supplementhigh-quality instructional methodsand use technology as a tool to shape and enhancelearning.We will adopt curricula that are comprehensive and center on content thatencourages thinking and reasoning. Our teache’s roles will be extended as mentors,mediators, learning coordinators, assessors and compilers of learning tools.”
“The transformation from teacher-led learning to self-directed learning” to self-determined learning will provide learners with a range of competencies and skills needed to succeed in the modern global societies and at MSU we intend to play an integral part in our students lives to make this happen” he concluded.. .
For more information about MSU& MSI programmes and Specially about September 2018 intake kindly contact Management & Science institute on [email protected] telephone Tel: 011 257 6900 / 011 257 6700 Hot line 077 0777 880, or visit us at No 300, Galle Road Colombo 03.

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