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Join the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon ; Be a World Recognized Professional Graduate Chemist

A fouryear Professional Degree Programmeby an Institute accredited by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
• Get your Graduateship on the scheduled date; No delays whatsoever
• Well qualified internal staff and over 75 visiting lecturers from many universities and industries
• Excellent Lecture halls, Laboratory and Library facilities
• A world recognized Graduateship in Chemistry with a minimum investment
• Opportunity to get Scholarships, bursaries and many other awards
• Opportunity to join affiliated Universities in UK and USA.
• Excellent opportunities for employment, post graduate studies and research
• Additional language skills in Tamil and Sinhala through experienced teachers
• Many opportunities for extra curricular activities
GIC Programme and DLTC Programme
The College of Chemical Sciences, established in 2001 conducts two educational programmes namely Grduateship programme (GIC) for A’Level qualifies with Chemistry as a subject and the Diploma in Laboratory Technology programme.(DLTC) for O’Level qualifieds. The duration of the courses are 4 years and 2 yearsrespectively and both courses are conducted in English medium. The GIC programme is the only such programme to be accredited internationally by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.GIC qualification offered by the Institute is equivalent to a Chemistry special Degree offered by any recognized University in Sri Lanka.
Course curricula to meet the present day demand
Lectures and practicals on carefully selected subjects are oriented towards the present day needs of the chemical industry. Managers of industrial sector find that,obtaining the services of GIC Graduates is very cost effective due to their innovative experiences in different branches of chemical sciences.
Opportunities to join affiliated universities
Those who have completed two years of study under the GIC programme are eligible to enroll for BSc Applied Chemistry (Honours) at Northumbria University in UK. They are able to get a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry (Honours) after another two years of study. If a student joins University of Cincinnati, USA an additional one year is required to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. Similar opportunity exists for admission to the Truman State University, USA.
Student from CCS Demonstrating at the exhibition “CHEMEX 4-2017” held at SLECC
Scholarships and Bursaries
Many scholarships, Merit bursaries, and need bursaries, Best Performer Prizes are offered for every course together with numerous other awards and concessions. Institute produces over 1000 graduates and over 1000 Technicians
41stGraduateship in Chemistry Programme (GIC) and the 46th Diploma in Laboratory Technology programme (DLTC) commenced in January 2019. So far, the Institute has produced 1403 Graduate chemists under its GIC Programme and 1,350 Technicians under the DLTC programme. Presently it is the largest producer of Graduate Chemists in Sri Lanka.
Opportunities for post graduate studies and employment
GIC qualified graduates automatically become a lifetime associate member of the Institute.
Many graduates have gained opportunities to study in highly recognized foreign Universities in UK,US, Australia, NewZealand, France, Sweden and obtain PhD and Master’s Degree. Over 250 graduates produced by the College of Chemical Sciences (CCS) are hold doctorates while more than 400 students hold professional qualifications as Master’s Degrees obtained from reputed universities of the world as well as from Sri Lanka.While some of them are doing professional jobs in those countries others have returned to Sri Lanka and are well employedmainly in industrial sector.
Some of them are also in managerial and executive grades while others are policy makers in the state sector.The DLTC qualifieds in Sri Lanka are employed in hospitals, laboratories and in the industrial sector. The demand for them is very high as it is the only course in Sri Lanka which generates well qualifies laboratory technicians.
Subject of chemistry popularized
With the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, the Institute conducts many activities for the popularization of chemical sciences amongst students as well as the general public. Some of these activities are CHEMEX exhibition, Australian National Chemistry Quiz Competition, All Island Chemistry Quiz, Interschool Titration Competition, Inter University Debating Competitionand Chemistry Olympiad.
Leadership development and extra curricular activities.
The students are introduces to a vivid range of events that makes their life enjoyable. There are several clubs such as Gavel Club, Rotract Club, Analytical Club, Toast Masters Club, Photography Club, Chemistry Magic Club, First Aid Unit (joined with Saukyadana Movement), Community Services projects and many educational associations as well.
Cultural and religious events at the College of Chemical Sciences
Bond of friendship is enhanced amongst student community through Sinhala and Hindu New Year, Christmas party, Vesak Dhamma Sermon, Bhakthi gee, Vesak Dansel, Poson Dhamma Sermon and Bhakthi gee, Pirith Sermon, Navarathri Observance, Eid Ul Fitr, Thanks Giving Mass.
Sports activities
Wide varieties of sports activities includes cricket, rugby, Badminton, basketball, Karate, carom, Chessensure the students accept both victory and defeat with grace, and develop ability to work as a team.
Highlights from Cricket Encounter of CCS Vs IIT
Professional Membership Grades
Being a professional body, various grades of Membership such asFellow( F.I.Chem.C) and Member (M.I.Chem.C), Associate (A.IChemC), Licentiate (L.I.ChemC) and, Technician (Tech.IChemC) are offered by the Institute. At present the Institute has a strength of about 2,500 membership.
For details on admissionscontact Registrar: Tel: 2861231, 2861653, Fax: 4015320. Email: [email protected] . Website:

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