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Pearson BTEC ‘DUAL’ HND in Manufacturing and General Engineering at HRMI

The number of students gaining admission to pursue Engineering in government Universities represents only 6% of the total number who sit the GCE A/L examination. Which means 94% of the students who study A/L mathematics have to look for alternative pathways whether they like it or not.Parents and students should rationally and critically explore credible alternative routes without which this 94% would effectively have wasted 2years and 8months at A/Levels studying mathematics. In an era where alternative globally recognised engineering qualifications are available, parents and students need not be distressed about having to give-up their engineering dreams.
HRMI, together with Pearson UK and University of Northampton UK, offer an excellent pathway for students who have studied mathematics to take-up a highly respected British Engineering Honours degree at a fraction of a cost in comparison to the same degree delivered in England or Australia.
Pearson BTEC DUAL HND in Manufacturing and General Engineering offered at HRMI leads to a BEng (Hons) or BSc (Hons) and can be completed in Sri Lanka within a 3years. Engineering is a field with great career prospects. The Dual HND Curriculum includes many disciplines of Engineering, including Production, Quality, Process, Maintenance, Lean, Electrical, Electronic and Digital Technology. The curriculum prepares engineering students to plan,design, build, install and operate competitive production systems for discrete manufacturing as well as process manufacturing.
Engineers specialising in Manufacturing or Production are in great demand world over.Countries like Australia, New Zealand or Canada have always had Manufacturing Engineering as a demanded skill category for migration. Plenty of lucrative employment opportunities are available in the Middle East for Manufacturing Engineers. In Sri Lanka, all top companies now seek qualified Engineers to fill-in their Managerial and Executive positions in manufacturing or technology related jobs.
The tendency of employing technically qualified candidates is amply seen in all sectors including Textiles and Apparels, Logistics, Plantations, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and FMCGs. Manufacturing Engineers are employed in jobs relating to Sustainability, Maintenance and Project Management as well as in Design, Research & Development.
Manufacturing Engineers not only direct their attention to production systems, they also work together with Design Engineers to assure soundness of design and the consequent manufacturability of products. Manufacturing Engineers thus add their expertise in manufacturing processes, systems and technology to their understanding of engineering design. In the same way, they evaluate the capabilities of manufacturing processes and tools (including computer-aided tools) and interact with Design Engineers during the development of product specifications and tolerances.
The Dual HND in Engineering comprises of 270 credits, 1800 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and a Total Qualification Time (TQT) of 2,700 hours. Students could pursue this course on Part-time basis over a 2 year duration.The Units of Study includes, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Lean Manufacturing, Production Engineering for Manufacture, Maintenance Engineering, Quality and Process Improvement, Engineering Design, Engineering Maths, Engineering Science, Engineering Management, Utilisation of Electrical Power, Electrical, Electronic and Digital Principles, Managing a Professional Engineering Project, Further Mathematics, Sustainability, Professional Engineering Management and a Research Project.The Assessment Methodology will be Examinations, Assignments, Projects and Presentations.
All non-working students under the age 24 years will have an option of undergoing an INTERNSHIP TRAINING of 6 months duration attached to a reputed company engaged in manufacturing. Entry Qualification: GCE (A/L) 2 Passes in Maths / Science / Tech stream with English & Maths at O/Ls. Students are admitted pending A/L results.
The University of Northampton has been awarded Gold – the highest possible mark – in the UK Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Only 42 other universities have achieved gold standard in UK. Northampton is the ONLY Gold Ranked UK university to offer Business Management, HR, Tourism and Engineering Degrees in Sri Lanka. For further details, please call 077 2204101 or visit www.hrmi.lk

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