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What’s next after O/Ls & A/Ls? ; Your Journey to Earning a World-class American/ Canadian Degree Starts at ANC!

ANC Education enjoys an unrivaled reputation as the leader in the provision of transnational education in Sri Lanka, providing globally recognized qualifications and prestige of international institutions, especially from America and Canada. ANC’s degree transfer and direct placement programs enable local students to continue their higher education in US/ Canadian universities of high repute. ANC also offers the convenience of completing an American degree in business or psychology right here in Sri Lanka. ANC degree programs are quality assured by its partner universities and students receive their academic transcripts, identical to those issued in the US only from the partner universities.
Since U.S. education system allows students to start an undergraduate degree right after GCSEs or O levels, both OL and AL holders can enroll on degree programs offered at ANC. Those who have gained satisfactory AL grades are eligible to claim exemptions:
“From my vantage point now, I can see that I made one of the most important decisions in my life at the age of 16-to go to college right after O levels. That was the crucial choice and I wasn’t even aware of it. It was an enriching experience after all. I took on two majors in addition to a minor in English. I had done three jobs by the time I graduated last year… as far as my career is concerned, it all began at ANC!”
Yadurshini Raveendran
Research Coordinator-Cornell University
Undergraduate Degree Programs Offered at ANC
• U. S. Business Degree (Completion)
• U.S. Psychology Degree (Completion)
• 2+2/ 3+1 U.S. Transfer Program
• 1+3/ 2+2 Canada Transfer Program
• 3+1 U.S. Transfer Program
U.S. Business Degree (Completion)
ANC offers a range of American degree programs in areas of Business: BBA Marketing, BBA Management, BBA International Business, BBA Finance, BBA Entrepreneurship, BBA Hospitality Management, BBA Management Information systems (MIS). They are internal degree programs directly awarded by ANC’s academic partner, Northwood University of the U.S.A. – a specialized business school ranked a “Best Value Business School” by PayScale.
• Well-accredited industry-specific curriculums
• Fully recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka
• recognized in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe & Middle East for employment and higher education
• Students save up to 70% of the cost of reading for the same degree in America
• Strong academics combined with final year internship opportunities (Business students are welcome by 30+ best performing organizations in Sri Lanka including MAS Holding, Virtusa, Samsung, DIMO, Hilton, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Heyleys, etc.)
• Exposure to the same standard of education as practiced in America
• Dual major options available for business students
U.S. Psychology Degree (Completion)
ANC has reached out to Sri Lankan students with the exclusive opportunity to follow a Bachelor of Science in Psychology awarded by SUNY, Empire State College, New York. Psychology students are also given the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a clinical setting through supervised internships within a mental health service.
U.S. / Canada Transfer Programs
ANC transfer programs have successfully placed 2000+ students in top notch American and Canadian universities. ANC maintains a high visa success rate, and transfer students are guided step by step for a smooth transfer between colleges.
Studying in America
With 7 universities in the “top 10” and 30 in the “top 100”, the U.S. education system is ranked 1st in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. U.S. government has already invested in attracting international students who will start or head tomorrow’s Fortune 500 companies.
With unrivaled academic programs, exciting research opportunities, career building internships and work-study scholarships, outstanding professors who have made a name for themselves, cutting edge connections that lead to opportunities, and the exposure to everything the great country has to offer, U.S. universities are devoted to bringing out the best in students.
Students can choose from nearly 1000 undergraduate degrees in the following fields of study: Engineering, Medicine, Business, Education, IT, Social Sciences/ Humanities.
Studying in Canada
The international student population in Canada has nearly doubled recently, and Canada has altered immigration policies to make it easier for them to obtain permanent residency after graduating.
A poll carried out by the International Student Admissions Service (ISAS) in September 2017 has found that 62% of respondents (out of 1700 students) has placed Canada as their first choice. High ratings for education; the best quality of life; plenty of job opportunities after graduation; affordable tuition and living; vibrant cultural life; high degree of technology; geographical beauty; and policies seen as warm and welcoming have been identified as the reasons for this trend.
ANC also offers several avenues of assistance including merit scholarships, student loan schemes, free remedial tutoring, SAT/ IELTS/ foreign language classes that enhance the academic success of every student.
U.S. / Canadian university fair with participation of 20 university representatives will be held on 15th September (Colombo) & 16th September (Kandy).
Students are welcome to register for any of our undergraduate degree programs on pending results.

For more information, please contact 0773957070, visit us at| No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03, or follow us on Facebook:

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