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1st Time in Sri Lanka Hospitality Management Course with Guaranteed Paid Internships in France, Singapore etc.

BCAS Campus, a top-ranked Higher Education Provider in Sri Lanka, is launching a uniquely structured course in Hotel and Tourism Management. This Diploma-level course consists of guaranteed paid internships overseas at star class hotels in France and in many other countries. A remarkable feature is that it is the first time in Sri Lanka that international internships are offered to all students following the Diploma course in Hotel and Tourism Management Students can also earn a Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management that is approved by the Sri Lanka government-regulated TVECas well as accredited by the international institutions connected to the hotel industry.
BCAS Campus counts over 20 years of experience in providing uncompromised quality higher education and vocational training for local and international students. Through its wider network of campuses and long standing partnerships with Pearson UK and other international universities , BCAS Campus offers courses in major areas such as Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Computing, Business Management, Health Science and Law. These courses are offered at various levels starting from Degree Foundation leading up to Masters’. The Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management course is yet another unique addition to its current portfolio of market relevant programmes.
BCAS Campus strongly believes that an internationally-recognized and sound Hospitality Management Programme has a lot of potential worldwide and is a very effective medium in supplying qualified and competent hotel managers and hospitality-related professionals to the local and international market.
Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management is specially designed for School leavers who want to carve out a career in international hospitality business with hands-on training through the internship at star class hotels.
The curriculum of the programme contains 15 subjects including five main cookery subjects, namely (1) Pastry and Bakery, (2) Chinese and Thai Cookery, (3) Italian Cookery, (4) Carving and (5) International cookery. Upon completion of the Diploma, the students will be able to pursue their higher studies in Singapore with six months of internship. Students of Diploma in in Hotel and Tourism Management can thus start their pathway with local /Singapore government-approved diploma and continue their higher studies up to the degree level in Singapore and comfortably earn a UK-recognized degree.
BCAS Campus has identified for their students multiple pathways to earn either a diploma or a degree that can lead them to challenging careers. Furthermore, all students are guaranteed paid internship in France, Singapore etc.. Students can choose to take up the internship after completing their three months of study or even continue to complete the Diploma after finishing the internship overseas.
BCAS Campus has a student-friendly environment and helps students to secure part-time jobs to earn a reasonable amount of money and get industrial exposure while studying. Student loans are also facilitated to give them financial support with accommodation arranged for outstation students coming to Colombo for their higher studies.
As a matter of fact, BCAS closely works with different communities and organizations to improve the quality of life of the youth by helping to engage them with education and facilitate with career opportunities of their choice.
For more details please call Lilantahi (Programme Manager ) on 0773032233 OR visit

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