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AMDT, The ‘Fuel’ for Sri Lanka’s Creative Industries

Gone are the days where parents push their children to become the once conventional ‘Lawyers’, ‘Doctors’, ‘Accountants’, etc. While these careers are still important, a different industry is rapidly growing.
The Creative Industry in Sri Lanka today, is attracting Creative people, who have dreamt of living Creative Careers such as 3D Animation, Copywriting, Filmmaking, Photography, Web & App Development, Fashion Design, Games Development, and more. Opportunities in the Creative Industry today have become endless for those who are both encouraged and free to be their Creative selves.
For example, considering Creative Careers in Advertising, are in big need of fresh Creative talent, creating a wealth of opportunities in the country for the young and enthusiastic.
Top advertising agencies such as J. Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett, MullenLowe, and Magic Mango give endless opportunities for young Creatives to join them and prosper into Creative Careers.
Photography and Filmmaking as well, have taken the local Creative industry by storm. Companies are now investing more in proper campaigns that see them make use of the experience by professional photographers and Filmmakers for their various product promotions through TV Commercials, etc. Moreover, with the digital world at the forefront, Photographers and Filmmakers have created opportunities and promoting various events around the country.
With Sri Lanka’s continuous growth in the Creative Industry, doors are now opened for 3D artists, Motion Graphic artists, Character animators, 3D Modelers, etc, to bring their skills into the Gaming & Animation industries in Sri Lanka.
Overall, Sri Lanka’s Creative Industry has opportunity, which has grown rapidly over the past few years, making Advertising, Fashion, Copywriting, Digital Painting, Web & App Development, 3D Animation, Games Developing and Photography much sought after careers.
In 2005, two Artrepreneurs decided it was time to prove everyone who thought that creative people cannot have successful careers, wrong. And the Academy of Multimedia Design & Technology was born. Since then, AMDT has been relentless in inspiring creative minds and brought relief to countless parents who were worried that their creative child might not have a successful career path in their chosen discipline in the ‘Creative Industry’.
You may already know by now, AMDT is widely recognized as one of the finest schools of Arts & Creativity with a diverse and dynamic Creative community, where aspiring artists in Sri Lanka and around the world find what they need to embrace Creativity.
AMDT’s faculty are practicing Artists and working Creative professionals with industry experiences and close links to their respective Creative industries. So you learn what exactly you need to be a Creative professional.
AMDT works closely with the industry and employers to create the courses, to make sure that these courses are up-to-date and meet the demands of industries in Sri Lanka and around the world.
‘Courses for Careers’ is the thinking behind the design of our study modules. We are also a proud provider of quality talent to many creative industries in the country.
The Recently concluded Festival of Creativity saw the next generation of Creative professionals present themselves at the AMDT Showcase 2018.
An event that has become the Creative Industry hunting ground, where the entire Creative Industry in Sri Lanka walked-in, graduating students were able to meet personally with prospective future employers seeking their talent, many of whom were offered employment ‘then and there’.
AMDT offers creative design courses in Multimedia Design, Interactive Media, Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Textiles, Film Making, Photography, Advertising, Animation, 3D, Visual Effects (Vfx), Motion Graphics, Game Design, etc.
You may apply for admission with two A’Level passes or O’Level with the AMDT Foundation Diploma or any other recognized qualifications. Alternatively, students may also apply with work experience and portfolio.
To enroll for September 2018, call 114381981 or email [email protected] to speak to AMDT’s Course Advisors to get proper guidance in choosing a Creative career course. Visit the website: or walk-in at 317A, Galle Road, Colombo 04 for more information

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