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Rewarding Career Opportunity With MSU’s Hospitality Programmes

“Many international hotel chains operating in Sri Lanka have requested for visas to bring down foreign experts to the hospitality industry citing local talent in the hospitality sector is insufficient” According to the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA).
The Management & Science University (MSU) one of Malaysia’s top universities complements the needs of highly skilled and expert human capital by offering both Bachelor’s degree and diploma in the hospitality and tourism specialization.
As one of Malaysia’s top universities, MSU has received much recognition from the Malaysian and international independent bodies. MSU is ranked as one of Malaysia’s top five private universities through an establishment audit done by Ernst & Young. In addition the recent QS World Universities Ranking 2018, Places MSU 217th in the QS Asia Ranking 2018, the inaugural entry ranks Management and Science University (MSU) in the top 1.8% among Asia’s best universities.
Management and Science Institute (MSI) is the Colombo Campus established byMSU.While the former offers a wide spectrum of diploma programs the latter continues the Degree and Master programs for academics to become professionals in their chosen field.
The Management and Science Institute (MSI) Colombo is the ultimate choice for those visualizing academic excellence through higher education for a career path inHospitality and Tourism Management. MSI offers world class courses at a state-of-the-art facility and a prestigious panel of lectures. MSI has carefully evaluated the industry demand, and thereby provides students with not just theoretical training, but real-world industry experiences, which means that MSI students will be more employable than any of their peers.MSI is committed to ensuring the best for their students. A comprehensive range of visiting professors who conduct regular semester visits provide valuable inputs to students. Further, various skills enhancement programs aimed to improve competitiveness are offered to students.
“The rapid growth of the hospitality and tourism industry in Sri Lanka with international hotels opening and operating all over the country, has created enormous employment opportunities. Therefor I would like to encourage students to take up Hospitality and Tourism as a career since the industry needs skilled and confident talent to compete in this fast-evolving, global industry” stated MSI Director Sam Peiris.
The Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management will be exposed in the ‘know how’ and ‘hands on’ training in both the hospitality and tourism areas of practices. As such, graduates of the programme are expected to be competent to handle the common hospitality and tourism practice as well as become the forefront supervisors and lower level managers able to advice on routine decision making process.Graduates will find ample opportunity in not only availing themselves to careers in hospitality and tourism industry but also in government services, academia and careers in internationally recognized hotels, event organizations and travel operators. Organizationally, graduates will be absorbed into hotels, event companies, travel agents, transport operators, corporations and companies, banks, multimedia telecommunication companies, marketing agencies etc.
The Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management (Hons) is an undergraduate academic programme that leverages on a unique learning opportunity in the combined disciplines of hospitality, tourism and management. Students pursuing the programme will be exposed both in the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as to the state-of-the-art technologies used in the fields of economics, management and marketing.
As such, graduates of the programme are expected to be competent to handle not only the common hospitality and tourism practice but also to provide advice on complex strategic issues in business decision making process.
The International Students Exchange Programme (ISEP) at MSU assists students towards enriching their academic pursuits at the international level. Through ISEP students can complete their studies in Sri Lanka, MSU Malaysia or transfer to any of MSU’s partner Universities worldwide including, Australia, UK, Japan and Germany. MSU also offers Dual MBA programmes, PhD to complete their degrees. The opportunity to study at these universities will further enrich the students’ development and enhances their standings for a better career prospect.
The emphasis on programmes which are industry relevant has always been MSU central tenets. A symbiosis between academic curriculum and industrial shifts has been crucial in determining the relevancy of its product to current trends. Such response to change has resulted in 95% of MSU’s graduates securing employment during the first 6 months upon graduation.
Students from Sri Lanka will now have the opportunity to enjoy MSU’s quality education through its Colombo Campus, MSI. For more information on MSI programmes call us on 0112576644, 0112576700, Hot Line 0770777880, email at [email protected] , or visit Management & Science Institute, No 300 Galle Road, Colombo 3.

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