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“You Can Always Count on ANC to Prepare You to Thrive in The Corporate World.”

Deshana completed her BBA degree in International Business, awarded by Northwood University and graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors last year to launch a rewarding career at MAS Active.
Deshana finished her A-Levels with flying colors at Bishop’s College, Colombo, yet dancing was her passion and forte, so she went to America for a year to study Contemporary Dance and Choreography at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; nevertheless, it didn’t take long for Deshana to realize that she needs to pursue a degree in Business to learn the skills on demand, for we live in a world of accelerating change. Her cousin sister, a past student of ANC, had assured her that she could experience the same standard of education as practiced in the US at ANC. She returned to Sri Lanka to be enrolled on ANC’s degree completion program offered in collaboration with the Northwood University.
Deshana maintained a GPA of 3.9 throughout her career at ANC and bagged the “High Achiever’s Award” several times. Northwood University felicitated her with the “Best Achievement Award” for her high academic achievements at the ANC Awards Night 2017. Deshana is grateful to ANC for giving her more than a degree: the necessary exposure to the real corporate world. She is living proof that ANC graduates have a competitive edge over their peers entering the workplace. Ninety-five percent of ANC graduates are employed full time or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation-an exceptionally high percentage compared with other institutions.
Deshana discusses how she “learned to succeed” at ANC:
US Education System
US universities provide so many learning opportunities for students. They adapt instantly with new generations of students and the evolving world. At ANC, we studied a range of subjects in the first year before choosing the major. We studied History, Math, English Composition, IT, Critical Thinking, etc. This ensures success in future careers. Northwood University also offers an industry-focused curriculum which combines strong academics and hands-on experience. Dual major options are also available. And we can claim exemptions based on our A-Level grades and prior learning experiences at college level.
Dedicated Faculty
Our lecturers were truly the best out there for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. They are qualified and experienced professionals who bring that knowledge and industry expertise to their work. They are devoted to teaching and the success of every student. Instead of spoon-feeding students with information, they encouraged us to ask questions and seek answers. If I’m to complete my Master’s in Sri Lanka, I will definitely opt for ANC’s Master’s degree program offered in partnership with the University of West London.
All-round Skill Development
You can count on ANC to prepare you to thrive in the corporate world. Our curriculum focuses beyond the examinations: we are given the opportunity to enhance a number of skills including presentation skills, report writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Thanks to this exposure, I have the confidence to exercise my soft skills in any environment.
Learn by doing
As an International Business major, I had to visit a number of MNCs, interview people, and complete projects as a significant requirement of the degree. This gave me the opportunity to be exposed to the real world corporate culture. After all, it was during a visit to MAS Active for an interview that I was encouraged to apply for a vacant post.
ANC also guarantees internship opportunities at some of the top organizations in Sri Lanka. This enables students to integrate their studies with 6 months of paid work in the final year, which is an experience that we gain beyond a classroom setting. We also could network, explore potential careers, and broaden our professional horizons.Deshana reiterates that ANC assists students with setting and achieving goals that prepare them for rewarding careers in future. “However,” Deshana says, “it doesn’t come easy. You need to work hard, be committed and dedicated to succeed.”
ANC wishes her every success in the future!
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