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Succeed at IELTS With ACBT

(ACBT) has gained an exceptional reputation as an IELTS Test Centre for nearly two decades while also being a well -equipped preparation center, guiding candidates towards achieving their expected band score.
ACBT offers a host of preparatory services from courses to workshops to self learning facilities for candidates who wish to obtain a high score at IELTS.
The International English Language TestingSystem, popularly known as IELTS, is the most sought after English language proficiency assessment by those who seek to migrate to English speaking countries for a variety of reasons ranging from study to settling in.
The test evaluates candidates’ speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiency in English via a range of tasks under Academic and General Training modules.
On most occasions, the regulatory bodiesof academic institutions and immigration authorities expect candidates to obtain band score 7,testifying toa ‘good user’ of language.
The productive and receptive skills tested at IELTS, though assessed separately, are nevertheless integrated to different degrees. The IELTS courses at ACBT guide students accordingly, thus developing each skill together with a host of other associated skills.
For instance, listening practice would involve instruction and training to scanor gist read questions, take notes, write the expected answer in the correct format and structure, etc., in addition to the core listening skills. ACBT trainers and other resource personnel boast of decades of experience in different capacities such as examiners, teachers and facilitators.
As a result, students are exposed to a multitude of exam oriented practice tasks to develop their key language skills.
IELTS preparation programmes at ACBT are tailor-made to learners’ practical needs as well as language proficiency.
There are Preparation Courses to enhance overall language proficiency over several weeks while the AdvancedCourses of shorter duration train students rigorously for the examination with practice tests and mock tests inclusive of all components. In addition, one-day Examination Tips Workshop provides candidates with a quick overview of information pertaining to the exam format, scoring, sample answers for self- assessment and practice tasks.
Further, the Resource Room at ACBT is an all-inclusive self-study centre with learning and training material for reading and listening activities.
Any interested candidate can use this facility at an hourly fee. In line with the modern learning trends and life style, ACBT also offers an online practice package, the internationally recognized Road to IELTS tool, thus allowing students to engage in a comprehensive IELTS self – training session at their leisure and convenience.
As a whole, ACBT is a fully-fledged facilitator for candidates’ IELTS requirements; from the point of registration to the examination, through training for the expected band score, to taking the test at ACBT’s own venues.
Having expanded its operations to Kandy and Galle, ACBT’s regional centres also make available the same facilities, services and resources to candidates, thereby assisting those who are not residing within easy access to Colombo.
Besides, ACBT’s close partnership with the British Council to deliver the exam has led to a hassle-free examination experience to candidates. Thus, opting for IELTS with ACBT is a well-informed decision made by candidates who aspire to succeed well at the examination.
To learn more about registering for IELTS at ACBT or about following one of the preparation programmes, candidates can contact ACBT on 0112 565 511, 0773 000 900;
Visit its campuses at 442, Galle Road, Colombo 3 or 32 C, Dickman’s Road, Colombo 05, or log on to

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