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ANC Ensures Excellence in Delivery of US Experience to Local Students

ANC education reflected on its relationship with renowned U.S. universities and 16 years of excellence in all aspects of the delivery of a world-class U.S. university experience to Sri Lankan students as America celebrated her 242nd Independence on Wednesday, 4th July. ANC has an unrivalled reputation as the trendsetter of U.S. Education in Sri Lanka and facilitated thousands of students to gain access to U.S. education through both U.S. Degree Completion and U.S. Transfer programs. ANC was clad in the shades of red, white, and blue to mark the significance of the Fourth of July, and it brought students and staff together to enjoy several activities organized to appreciate the greatest event in American history.
ANC: #1 Provider of U.S. Education in Sri Lanka
Since its inception in 2002, ANC Education has been offering degree programs in collaboration with leading universities in the world, and U.S. universities have outnumbered the rest. ANC’s long term academic partnerships with Northwood University and New York State universities have helped local students achieve their higher education dreams. Top U.S. universities not only recognize ANC’s contribution to international education but also vouch for the college readiness of ANC transfer students:
“It’s only through ANC we came to know this beautiful country, Sri Lanka… As they complete their General Education program at ANC, transfer students come well prepared to continue their education in the U.S., and they demonstrate outstanding achievement in their studies and contribute to the internationalization of our institutions.”
Ryan Lemon
Director – International Initiatives
Husson University of the USA
*Ryan was the International Recruitment Manager at SUNY OSWEGO before he joined Husson.

U.S. Degree Programs on Offer at ANC:
Undergraduate Degree Program
Program Highlights
U.S. Business Degree (completion)
• Only opportunity to complete a U.S. degree (business) in Sri Lanka
• 7 major concentrations: Management; Marketing; Finance; International Business; Entrepreneurship: MIS; Hospitality and Tourism
• Offered by Northwood University, the USA
• Transcripts only from Northwood University & identical to those issued in the U.S.
• Saving up to 70% of the cost of earning the same qualifications in the U.S.
• Strong academics with hands-on experience
• Guaranteed Paid Student Internships in blue chips including MAS Holding, Virtusa, Samsung, DIMO, Hilton, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Hayleys.
• Global Cross Exposure Program
• Dual major combinations
• Learning from well qualified industry experts
• 2000 business graduates
• Opportunity to progress onto the MBA offered by UWL at ANC
U.S. Psychology Degree (Completion)
• Only opportunity to complete a U.S. degree (Psychology) in Sri Lanka
• Offered by SUNY Empire State College, the USA and transcripts issued only from the SUNY
• supervised internships
• faculty composed of renowned practitioners in SL
• 700+ psychology graduates
• opportunity to progress onto the MSc offered by the UWL(complete bachelor’s and master’s in psychology within 4 years)

2+2 US Transfer/ 1+3 Canada Transfer/ 3+1 US Transfer • 16 years of experience in US/ Canada education
• Successful credit transfer and 99.9% visa success rate
• Credit articulations with over 30 universities among the top 200 in the fields of Engineering, Science, IT, Business and Liberal Arts
• 2000+ student transfers to 150+ universities among the Top 200
• Internships and post-study work options
• A dedicated team of transfer advisors attending to college and visa applications, liaise with the universities for a positive acceptance, coach for visa, and conduct mock visa interviews etc.; one-on-one meetings with university representatives
• Merit scholarships

Student Perspectives
“ANC’s U.S. university Placement division is committed to working with students on a one-on-one basis to help us with everything from researching universities, preparing applications, to organizing meetings with university representatives and visa officers. I was very convinced that the education degree program offered at NAU (Northern Arizona University) falls in line with my career goals. After all, NAU’s education degree programs are highly respected in terms of academic excellence, course offerings, faculty strengths, and reputation: it’s among the top 100 “Best Colleges for Education” in America. A number of past students too have transferred to NAU as ANC has a very close partnership with the university. I’m getting almost all the credits earned at ANC transferred, and they offered me a generous scholarship in recognition of my academic performance and community service and involvement. I really couldn’t ask for more!” says Elizabeth Fernandesz, an Education major. Elizabeth joined ANC in fall 2016 after her O levels completed in Stafford International School.
“Since the day I got to California State University, Sacramento, I was completely assisted throughout the transfer process by the Student Global Engagement who made their effort to make sure that I did not feel lost.
On the day of the spring 2018 orientation I met many international students from various different parts of the world who were very specific about coming to the Sacramento State University. The campus is home to many great student facilities…
When I transferred to Sacramento State University, I managed to get almost all…. the credits I completed at ANC, transferred. Overall, the university is an extremely great experience to many transfer students, mainly for students who wish to work part-time while studying as there are many working opportunities within the campus,” says Suvini Weerasinghe. She joined ANC after her A Levels completed in Sirimavo Bandaranaike Girls’ School.
“…It’s not only academics, we had abundant opportunities to pursue our hobbies and develop a good personality. I was an active member of the Performing Arts Club and enjoyed a number of opportunities to showcase my music skills on stage.
I have taken part in ANC annual fashion show, which was so much fun! It was also a great place to make good friends.
I had accomplished so much within a period of three years before moving to America for professional qualifications at the U.S. Aviation Academy… You gain a quality education, enjoy prestige, and have a unique college experience at beautiful college campuses… For local students, they can always start at ANC, earn U.S. qualifications through Northwood and go to the U.S. for Master’s or professional training, or they can transfer to a U.S. university under ANC’s 2+2 program,” says Aaron Segaram.
Aaron was enrolled on Northwood Business Degree (Completion) Program at ANC after his OLs at S. Thomas’ College, Mt Lavinia.
Registrations are still open for the summer intake! Apply with pending O levels or claim exemptions for A levels.
For more information, contact/ visit ANC:
• 0777 301103|| No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03
• 322, Peradeniya Road, Kandy
• or follow us on Facebook:

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