Thursday, October 21, 2021


The event is not an exhibition where students who sat London A/L in 2018 to wonder around not knowing what to do or whom to meet. We are arranging students and parents to meet representatives from the following universities to meet them together with Edlocate counselors on one on one basis, to obtain all details to enroll for the next intake of following Malaysian universities and lodge applications with predicted results to reserve a place on a firm basis.

 Monash University Malaysia (ranked 59th in the word in 2019 QS rankings). Monash has an extensive global reach and offers opportunity to transfer to Monash University, Australia represented by Edlocate after 1 year of studies. The courses offered include undergraduate Medicine.
• IMU is Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and health Sciences University with 25 years proud history. It has a strong transfer arrangement system with ANU, University of Adelaide, UNSW, UTAS, UWS & University of New Castle all of which are represented by Edlocate.
• Swinburne Sarawak University – another university that offers transfer arrangements to Swinburne University Australia, again represented by Edlocate. The lower living cost in Kuching makes pursuing an Australian degree at Swinburne Sarawak more appealing.
• INTI International University is strong on Computing/ IT & Engineering whilst offering a host of other courses too. INTI’s collaborate with LinkedIn boost graduate employability.
• Curtin Sarawak University offers courses in Business, Humanities & Engineering to be awarded the coveted Curtin Australia degree. Students can transfer to Curtin in Australia represented by Edlocate at the end of any semester.
• Taylors University offers courses in Arts & Social Sciences, Built Environment Engineering Technology & Design, Health & Medical Science and Hospitality Food & Leisure Management.
• Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC) is a leading medical education provider that offers medical degrees accepted by Sri Lanka & the Maldives.
• Manipal International University (MIU) is a Malaysian university offering multidisciplinary programs with a focus on Science, Engineering, Management and Business.
Participating at the event will enable students to;
• Lodge applications now for Sept / Oct 2018 & Feb 2019 intakes.
• Apply with pending results, obtain a conditional offer & secure placement
• Apply for scholarships from all the universities who are participating in the event meant for high achievers
Malaysia – is a peaceful and one of the most stable countries in the world, with a high quality education system, facilitate students to get internationally accepted qualifications studying fully in Malaysia or transfer to selected Australian universities and offer comparatively low expenditure of studying and living. Visit “Study in Malaysia Open Day” at Edlocate’s Colombo office on 05th July from 3-6 pm to
• Apply with AS results to ‘book’ your place provisionally
• Be guided to enroll directly and assisted to the end, free of any handling fee.
Contact 077 1770361 for further details and to make firm appointment.

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