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Well-Established LLM Program From UWL Empowers…

ANC School of Postgraduate Education is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the intellectual, social, and professional development of local graduates. To achieve this, ANC collaborates with the University of West London (UWL), which offers industry-relevant, top-ranked Master’s programs of international repute in the areas of business, law, and psychology. In addition to fresh graduates seeking advanced learning opportunities, a large number of graduate students have work experience and are pursuing an education that will prepare them to expand on their current career or take them in a new professional direction.
As far as the LLM program is concerned, UWL offers two courses at ANC:
• International Business and Commercial Law LLM
• International Studies in Intellectual Property Law LLM
The international credibility and the global outlook of these programs ensure that the graduates are not only prepared for the emerging market economy in Sri Lanka, they will also have employment prospects with multinational organizations. Alongside its strong track record in employability, UWL also boasts a high student satisfaction. “It’s an affordable alternative to study in the UK for local students. UWL is pleased to have introduced its high quality, career-focused education to Sri Lanka. A lot of progress has been made since the franchise was granted in 2012. The LLM program was the first to be launched with 27 student enrollments… Hundreds of law graduates have been produced during this period of 6 years… We are continuing to unfold and expand,” says Dr. Philip Wright, the Deputy Head of School of Law and Criminology at UWL.
Faculty-Alumni Perspectives on Their Experience
Dr. Asoka Silva, the Senior Academic Advisor (Legal Studies), boasts over 25 years of teaching experience in legal studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Besides being a renowned academic, he had held senior administrative positions at state universities before he joined ANC in 2013. He has also been a consultant for many legal projects at national level.

Q: How should one go about choosing a postgraduate degree program?
A: In order to choose the program that best fits you, you must consider many aspects, carefully because this choice can affect you for the rest of your life. I’ll highlight three very important factors: first, the program should “fit for the purpose”, that is whether the program has the potential to create the appropriate foundation to take you to your desired aim- your post-MBA or post-LLM goal. Second, the learning experience should offer value for money. Third, the one that is very important, especially in the Sri Lankan context is whether you will be able to complete the program within the stipulated time period. It’s very rarely a student gets to finish one’s graduate studies on time in Sri Lanka, but UWL programs are very systematic and organized in such a way students finish their studies within 12-15 months.

Q: Why should one choose the LLM program offered by UWL at ANC?
A: The UWL LLM is designed and developed by subject experts in the UK, taking into account the expectations of the professional standards regulatory bodies of solicitors and barristers and the criteria set by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Also, every aspect of the LLM program from the standard of learning materials, classroom teaching, and assessment to student learning experience, wherever in the world the program is offered, is all quality assured in line with quality assurance benchmarks set by the UK QAA through annual audits.
What’s more, all the courses are conducted in a mirror model and marking is done by UWL; even when a student’s dissertation focus is on areas pertaining to Sri Lanka, the second marking will be done by a UWL professor, hence the LLM program offered at ANC leads to a globally recognized, skill-based, and professionally-relevant qualification. In short, the LLM offered by UWL will produce a graduate who is
• A creative and enterprising legal professional
• A reflective and critical lifelong learner
• A globally aware individual

Q: What are the opportunities open today for LLM graduates?
A: The rapid development in business and trade since the end of civil war in Sri Lanka has significantly increased the demand for professionals with expertise in the field of business and commercial law. The proposed Colombo Financial City is going to be a top global oasis for business, and it has already created a huge demand for many professions including legal experts with business acumen. Even when you take the Financial City out of the equation, they are still greatly sought after both in Sri Lanka and abroad because corporate firms need to comply with a whole gamut of laws, including but not limited to international law, intellectual property, trademarks, labour, commercial arbitration, finance, taxation, insurance, etc.
Mr. Sujeewa Lal Dahanayake completed his LLM degree at ANC in 2016. He is a renowned legal practitioner who holds administrative positions in several organizations of high repute: Deputy Chairman-Tourist Board; Vice President-Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka; Treasurer-Bar Association of Sri Lanka; Chairman-Human Rights Committee of Bar Association; National Coordinator-Lawyers Beyond Borders. A well-travelled professional who had already had the opportunity to be networking with a number of people from academia and legal fraternity, Mr. Dahanayake asserts that his LLM degree helped him master the legal aspects of running a business, both local and international and perform his job more effectively.

Q: What do you think sets UWL LLM apart from other courses offered in the country?
A: Given that there are many institutions offering postgraduate qualifications, students often have trouble choosing among many options, but choosing the right program that best fits my career goals was very important. UWL degree programs are internationally recognized, well-accredited, and ranked highest among the Master’s qualifications offered in the UK. The program offers the opportunity to build the practical skills and knowledge necessary to stay competitive as a legal professional in a business environment. When I went to the UK for my graduation, it was overwhelming to be surrounded by graduates from around the world and UWL staff, incredible people who could also vouch for the exceptional education available at UWL.

Q: How does ANC ensure student success?
A: It’s a very conducive environment to learning where faculty members are very motivating, approachable, and ready to help. They have close rapport with students and make sure no student would lag behind. And ANC ensures that the standard of the LLM program delivered at ANC is also on par with UWL standards. Also, certain areas of the curriculum were covered by UWL professors on flying visits. We also had the opportunity to listen to guest speakers from the legal fraternity. Non-academic staff members are also so friendly and supportive that they encourage a sense of community, in which students are highly motivated to succeed.

Q: How do you apply your LLM in your professional life?
A: I had been working on civil lawsuits. It’s thanks to my LLM I could specialize in the area of international business and commercial law. Tourism is a burgeoning industry and making a significant contribution to the country’s economy. As the deputy chairman of the Tourist Board, I interact with both local and foreign stakeholders. Signing MOUs, contracts, agreements, etc. is a common practice, and it involves dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation, and many other legal engagements. This is where I can leverage my specialized knowledge in international business and commercial law besides interpersonal and communication skills.

For more information, contact 0777 23 70 77 or 0777 44 99 66 or visit ANC at http://www.ancedu.com/
• No. 308, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3
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