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Edulink, Icon Business School Offers ACCA

Icon Business School recently entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Edulink International Campus to offer tuition for ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK) which is a globally recognized UK professional qualification in accounting and finance, which provides students with the skills and knowledge relevant to any business, enabling them to work in any industry, anywhere in the world.
Icon Business School was formed in December 2017 by a group of experienced ACCA tutors who are household names in the industry and have produced multiple prizewinners across all subjects.
“Today, we are proud to acknowledge that we have grown to become one of the most sought-after tuition providers for ACCA in the region.
With operations in India and Maldives, our latest partnership in Sri Lanka has been with Edulink International Campus,” said Managing Director of Icon Business School, Dilshad Jiffy.
Edulink International Campus first commenced its operations in Dubai, and later branched out to Nairobi and Colombo, and today, it is one of Sri Lanka’s largest private educational institutes.
They offer a wide range of globally recognised undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from a number of prestigious UK universities, and ACCA is the newest addition to Edulink’s international portfolio.Dilshad added“We identified that there was a big gap in the market in terms of choice for quality ACCA tuition and I believe we have very successfully bridged this gap.
Let me explain why. Firstly, we have a lecture panel that is both academically and professionally qualified, with extensive and ongoing corporate exposure and is very experienced in delivering ACCA tuition.”
“ Next, to ensure maximum student comfort, we offer world-class facilities, not only in every classroom, but also in the overall campus itself, and we even have a fully-equipped library and two IT labs.”The other opportunities offered by Edulink-Icon Business School to its ACCA students include the opportunity to read for the BSc. (Hons) Applied Accounting from the prestigious Oxford Brookes University in UK.
“This is a 360-credit internal British degree programme through which students would acquire up-to-date accounting and business knowledge, and also develop a range of soft skills including research, communication and presentation skills.”
ACCA Affiliates and Oxford Brookes University Graduates are also able to be a part of the Annual Graduation Ceremony of Edulink–Icon Business School, which would be attended by university representatives, dignitaries, distinguished corporate personalities and other key stakeholders.

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