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VSMU Announces 50% Tuition Fee Scholarships

About VSMU – European Leader in Medical Education and Research
Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) is one of the most distinguished higher medical institutions in the Republic of Belarus. VSMU was established in 1934. Currently, many overseas medical students including more than 350 from Sri Lanka study Medicine in this world class medical university. In addition to Sri Lankan students, there are more than 30 nationalities studying at VSMU making it one of the most popular medical universities for Sri Lankan and other International students.
Reasons to study medicine at VSMU
There are many reasons students and parents select VSMU for their future Medical education
* High level of education compatible with European standards
* English medium curriculum
* Educational process is organized on the basis of traditional European curriculum (lectures, seminars, laboratory and practical classes);
* Focused European standard education with 10:1 students-to-staff ratio;
* 15 hospitals and medical centers are clinical sites of the university where students have practical training;
* Availability of electronic library with high-speed Internet access to scientific medical materials and world database.
Affordable Medical Education in a European State Medical University
VSMU is a state university funded by the health ministry of Republic of Belarus. Since VSMU is not a profit focused private university, which is fully funded by the state and health ministry, the course fees are kept at a very low level, making medical education affordable to most families in Sri Lanka.
The class and lecture rooms, laboratories, libraries, computer laboratories, clinical hospitals and other clinics at VSMU are all maintained upto the best European Standards and are available without any restrictions to all students. Making this high quality European medical education truly affordable to everyone without any limitations whatsoever.
VSMU Recognition – Opportunity to join lucrative Medical careers in USA and Australia
VSMU is fully recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and ECFMG USA, AMC Australia, and GMC United Kingdom. IMC has created a unique system for VSMU students to be trained for the respective licensing examinations of these countries.
The VSMU curriculum is developed in a way to support students with their USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examinations) parallel to their medical degree programs making the graduate immediately ready for employment in USA and many other countries that accepts USMLE as entry qualification to medical careers.
Contact IMC on 077 30 88840 for more details on VSMU Tuition and Admissions Handling Fee Scholarships – for 2018 September Intake
IMC is the official student recruitment partner and international learning center of VSMU. VSMU has announced 5 Scholarships each worth 50% of the first year tuition fees.
The candidates will be selected based on the examination conducted by VSMU Professors. Students and parents who are keen for this Scholarship Examination should contact IMC Colombo on 077 30 888 40 or IMC Kandy on 0777 230 033. You can also visit IMC Campus No-7, Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mawatha, Colombo 6 or IMC Kandy, 21 Srimath Kudarathwatta Mawatha, Katugastota, Kandy.
Visit our Website- and FB page – for more information about Scholarships, Admission and career counseling and many other useful information to help you plan your future medical education and careers.

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