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SLMC-Approved Foreign Medical Degrees Are Now Facilitated By BCAS Campus

DMU is the largest medical university in China which enrolls the most International students, as many as 1300 from 82 countries in the medical degree programmes it offers. It occupies an area of 373 acres with a building area of 94 acres and contains 22 teaching and scientific research institutions, 5 supplementary teaching organizations plus a branch college, an affiliated medical school and nine 9 affiliated hospitals spread over 100 teaching bases. Further, the university has a ministerial level research institution, a ministerial level lab, ten provincial level key labs, a provincial level engineering technology research center and six provincial key labs for universities.
Dalian Medical University was founded in 1947 as Guandong Medical College. Over the past 70 years, it has produced many thousands of highly esteemed doctors for the profession, both local and international. The MBBS degree program being conducted in English medium is well recognized in 31 countries including Sri Lanka. The MBBS programme for International students in DMU was inaugurated in 2004 and in 2007 the Ministry of Education declared it as the competent university to offer MBBS programme taught in English . The programme is open for every spring and autumn, with the same duration and tuition fee. Besides, it is taught either in English or Japanese as per the students’ choice.
This University is the Largest Medical University in China and it is located at the best tourist city of China. Further, Dalian Medical University is among the top five pretty campuses in China. It is the only campus which has its own coastline. The state of the art accommodation facilities at the university premises and the congenial environment opens the doors for a safe and good quality of life for students’ for their studies.The students completing their medical degrees will be coached for EPRM/Act 16 Exam conducted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council. This will help them register for the exam and get through it for registration as medical practitioners in Sri Lanka without any hassle or waste of time. Total cost for full MBBS Degree program is USD 52,000 including accommodation which can be paid in installments.
• Dalian Medical University is the largest university in China and recognized in 31 countries
• Course duration is 6 years including one-year internship.
• Affordable course fee. The total investment will be 52,000 USD including accommodation
• Chinese language classes will be taught before students leaving to China
• IELTS/TOEFL not required
• Affiliated hospitals with more than 6,000 beds
• More than 1,000 International students from over 110 countries
• City Dalian is best Tourist City of China
• Modern Accommodation and Restaurant facilities
• The university with its own Coastline
• Comfortable climate
• Safe Living, Wi-Fi, hot water, attached bathroom, modern public kitchen and laundry
Students must satisfy Sri Lanka Medical Council entry criteria (2C,1S) before apply. Students who don’t have the necessary criteria can join our crash A/L programme (Cambridge syllabus) to be qualified.
You can call Faizeen, Manager – Study Medicine, BCAS CAMPUS on 0765204503 to fix an appointment for a free counselling and an information session.

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