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100% Visa Success Rate To CanadaA ; Live your Canadian Dream with Visa Global

Backed by UN Consortium – a large conglomerate in Sri Lanka, Visa Global has assistedover 1,000 aspiring migrants to successfully obtain PR and get settled in countries such as Canada, Australia, Denmark and many other countries. Today, they call those countries – “Home”!
(Visa Global migration seminar)
Visa Globalhas a 100% visa success ratefor Canadian migration. Thelegal team is headed by senior lawyer – Attorney at Law-Notary Public Mr.Ronald de Silva Munasinghe, who is a distinguished corporate legal practitioner for over 35 years.
The Visa Global team also consistsof a highly experienced senior Migration Consultant and highly trained staffs who are experts in the field of migration. These professionals will be directly involved in making your migration dream come true, from day one.
• Refundable policy for Professional fee*
• No initial investment to start the process*
If you are in search of expanding your future in achieving success with aplan to migrate –VISA GLOBAL assuresthat everything you require will be handled with total confidentiality and responsibility.VISA GLOBAL processes the PR visas and gives you total assistance which include, pre and post-landing services, in the following countries:

Canada – Settlement solutions to live in the 2nd best country in the world.
Australia – Assisting you in processing PR with our experienced MARN agents.
Denmark – Assisting you (exclusively for medical officers) in the opportunity to experience your life in the world’s happiest country.
All your needs along with the entire process of Permanent Residency Visa application (PR), Temporary Resident Visa (TR), Parent and Spouse Migration, Business Migration and Judicial Reviews are entirely taken care of by a professional team of lawyers and legal advisors, leaving you with a hassle-freemind towards moving to a brighter future.
• Total Resettlement Solutions under one roof.
• Career counseling using up-to-date information to identify the most suitable Country/Location/Profession, in order to achieve success in your Migration process and career growth.
Contact VISA GLOBAL for free advice.Send-in your updated CV to make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation and start to make a difference in your life, today.
Call us on –0720298741 / 0720239740
E-mail: [email protected]
Address – No 7, Rajaguru Sri SubuthiMawatha, Colombo 06
*conditions applyLuptae rero omnim

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