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Gateway Graduate School Organises Summer Program at UNMC

The 7 day programme is designed to give students exposure to diversespheres of knowledge while providing firsthand experience oflife on campus.On successful completion, both students and teachers receive certificates from the University that will add value whether they study further in UNMC or elsewhere in the future.
Depending on their interest, students have the opportunity to attend sessions at three different faculties.
The Faculty of Engineering offers practical projects to introduce students to the areas of Chemical,Civil, Mechanical, Material & Manufacturingand Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
The Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences challenges students to think strategically through role play and simulation games; during this year’s summer programme the Nottingham University Business School (NUBS), which is one of the leading Business Schools in the world will facilitate practical sessions on stock trading and business analysis.
The Faculty of Science offers a wide variety of workshops from Computer Science to Psychology and basic Sciences; students will be able to gain hands-on experience at UNMC’s world-class laboratories.
Special training for teachers at the Faculty of Education:
Gateway Graduate School,whose focus has always been on the professional development of teachers, works closely with Nottingham’s School Education. Parallel to the students’ programme, there will also be a specially designed training programme for teachers. This year’s programme will include workshops on the following themes: Creating a positive school climate for diverse learners; using classroom data in assessing for change; core instructional intervention for diverse learners; a continuum of support for challenging learners, personalising solutions; and team initiated problem-solving.
Fun and entertainment:
Participants willbe given opportunities to visit places of interest and have a taste of life in Malaysia under the Social and Cultural Programme which is a key part of the UNMC Summer Programme. Witnessing a cultural show, tasting traditional Malaysian cuisine, a guided tour of the city of Kuala Lampur and hours of shopping will be among the highlights during the two days of leisure.
Open to all:
The UNMC Summer Programme is open to all Sri Lankan students pursuing local or UK A/Ls. For further information please call Rushika / Imeshi on 0772256356/ 0112695103/ 0112695107 or email [email protected]

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