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US Universities Accept O/Ls for Admission

Thousands of US universities accept O levels and IGCSE as meeting the entry criteria for admission, and a large number of international students seize this opportunity to continue on to higher education right after O levels instead of completing full two-year cycle of A Levels, for “… the most precious resource we all have is time.” ANC Education, since its inception in 2002, has reached out to approximately 4000 local students to enjoy the prestige of US qualifications: besides US Degree Completion programs in Business and Psychology, ANC’s US Degree Transfer program has enabled about 2000 students to pursue their higher education in world-class universities located in the best states for college, including Florida, California, New York, Arizona, Washington, and Iowa. ANC also ensures a smooth transition from O levels to college level studies.
Going to College right after O Levels
Gone are the days mere academic qualifications alone guaranteed a decent job. What is essential now is something beyond academic domain such as career skills and work experience. In this light, those who opt for college after O Levels always stay ahead of most of their peers who want to complete A Levels, for A Level qualifications guarantee neither college admission nor a successful career, especially in Sri Lanka where state universities can cater only to a very small proportion of those who qualify for university admission, leaving approximately 120,000 students disappointed. Those who choose college over O Levels enjoy distinctive advantages as they graduate at a very young age. What’s more, US education focuses on the all-round skill development of graduates, so industry-focused degree programs ensure that students are career-ready by the age of 20.
Design Your Future with ANC
As you are awaiting your O/L results, it’s time you choose your career path and decide where you should pursue your higher studies.
ANC student counsellors are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help any student make the most informed decision based on one’s interests, skills, and ambition. For those who have studied in the Sinhala medium, remedial English classes are conducted free of charge to enable them to continue their studies in the English medium. ANC ensures an easier transition from O levels to undergraduate level studies.
US Undergraduate Degree Programs Offered at ANC
• U. S. Business Degree (Completion)
• U.S. Psychology Degree (Completion)
• 2+2 U.S. Degree Transfer Program
• 1+3 Canada Transfer Program
• 3+1 U.S. Transfer Program
Business Degree Program
Northwood University offers a range of American degree programs in areas of Business:
BBA Marketing
BBA Management
BBA International Business
BBA Finance
BBA Management Information systems (MIS)
BBA Hospitality and Tourism
BBA Entrepreneurship
They are internal degree programs delivered by ANC faculty. The certificate of the award is of the same recognition as that issued in the US.
Northwood Education
Northwood University is ranked among the best business schools in the USA, with a highest return on investment. Industry-specific curriculums of Northwood programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The Comprehensive Curriculum and Program Review Process (CPRP) ensures that Northwood program outcomes “remain relevant and aligned with student, workplace, and societal needs.”
Industry-focused Curriculum/ Paid Internships
ANC strives to ensure that student learning extends beyond the classroom: internships are required as part of the academic curriculum, encouraging students to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field of study through ANC’s Guaranteed Paid Student Internship (GPSI) program, a partnership between ANC and some of the leading brands in Sri Lanka, including MAS Holding, Virtusa, Samsung, DIMO, Hilton, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, and Hayleys.
It has been observed that 7 out of 10 internships result in a full time job offer. Students earn both academic credit and a salary, cultivating adaptability and creativity in a dynamic world. Learning is supported with the routine feedback by an experienced supervisor.
In addition to strengthening their resumes while making a career network for themselves, students can evaluate specific companies or specific careers prior to committing to full-time employment.
Also, unpaid internships are less likely to help grads-to-be get a job; on the other hand, paid internships guarantee a career upon graduation
Another special feature of Northwood education is its focus on entrepreneurial skills. Students learn to use management skills to set up and run their own business or to apply their creativity and energy to increase the productivity of an existing business.
ANC’s business students also stand the great opportunity to boost their earnings and competitiveness in the job market by earning a dual major from Northwood University.
Dual majors are available in the following curriculum combinations: Business Management + Marketing; Business Management + International Business; Business Management + Finance
Psychology Degree Program
ANC has produced 700+ psychology graduates through its collaboration with top ranked universities at the forefront of world class research in psychology.
Almost all these graduates have launched rewarding careers in the areas of management, marketing/ sales/ advertising, education, health care, career counselling, social work, child care, and research or are accepted by world-class grad schools soon after their graduation.
ANC continues to offer Bachelor’s in Psychology in joint collaboration with SUNY, Empire State College (ESC), a regionally accredited college of the State University of New York.
Supervised Internships
Psychology students are also encouraged to have hands-on experience in an environment structured to support their learning goals. They gain experience, reflect on what they have learned, and apply new knowledge and skills during the internship period. Along the way, faculty advisors work closely with them and provide feedback to help them identify opportunities for further growth.
Opportunities for Advanced Learning
Upon successful completion of their studies, majority of ANC students opt for Master’s in Clinical Psychology, awarded by the University of West London (UWL). They have the unique opportunity to complete both bachelor’s and master’s in Psychology within four years at ANC: they earn internationally recognized qualifications while saving up to 70% of the cost of reading for the same qualifications in the US and UK.
US Degree Transfer Program
• Nearly 1000 undergraduate degrees offered in the fields of Engineering, Medicine/ Healthcare, Business, Education, IT, Social Sciences/ Humanities
• Top Universities for Employability (U.S. educated Indians, Sunda Pichai, Satya Nadella, Rajeev Suri, Indra Nooyi, and Ajay Banga to name a few, run some of the world’s best companies such as Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Nokia, and Mastercard)
• Pursuit of Excellence in STEM Education as well as “non-STEM” fields
• Booming Entrepreneurship on College Campuses (Companies founded by either immigrants or their children make up 40% of the Fortune 500: Google, Dell, Yahoo!, Facebook, Dropbox, iCracked, Kinko’s, Modcloth, Reddit, Snapchat, WordPress to name a few. Some of them began as class projects)
• Learning from Experts
• Abundant Research Opportunities
• Unmatched Academic Flexibility (Students are allowed to take classes in whichever areas interest them and change their field of study (major) usually well into their second or even third year)
• Financial Aid (There are various types of financial aid available for international students: a number of grants and scholarships, bursaries, as well as work-study jobs ease the financial burden on parents)
American Education at ANC
• No.1 Choice in Sri Lanka for U.S. Education (ANC boasts 16 years of excellence in U.S. education. It is the only international program center of a U.S. university in Sri Lanka, and there are more than 50 articulation agreements with renowned universities in America)
• The easy transfer of academic credits and successful acceptance guaranteed (Those who opt for ANC’s 2+2 U.S. Transfer program meet general education requirements during their two year stay ANC, and they receive their academic transcripts only from the Northwood University)
• Proper Guidance for a Smooth Transfer between Colleges (One-on-one meetings are arranged with parents and students until he/she is accepted by a university)
• One-on-one discussions with US university representatives
For more information, contact/ visit ANC:
• 0777449955|www.ancedu.com| No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03
• 322, Peradeniya Road, Kandy
• or follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ancedu

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