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Horizon Campus: Developing Innovative Biotechnologists in Agriculture

The straight answer is a Yes. In many developing countries, population strives for food, clean water, and other basic needs. Sri Lanka too is a nation depending mostly on agriculture with staple crops such as rice, potato, and other cereals. Recently, due to many factors such as drought, heavy rainfall, pests, and parasites a large volume of food products were imported due to the deficit of local production resulting in a huge imbalance of the countries’ economy.
Biotechnology can merge with the agriculture to overcome these difficulties and steer the economy to a state where food imports can be lowered whilst exporting products to gain superior revenue. Countries such as India, China, and Kenya did adopt biotechnology to suit their specific needs to overcome and develop towards agricultural prosperity.
Though Western biotech companies have shied away from research in these fields due to concerns about the poor market return and intense competition, the biotech industry in developing nations has started developing more effective treatments to address worldwide health concerns and food science issues.
The first step in attaining agricultural prosperity in Sri Lanka is to create innovative Biotechnologists. Both the state and non-state universities should play a major role in creating the necessary mindset for Biotechnology graduates to guide and build the Nation on pillars of Biotechnology.
Horizon campus, being the most highly accredited non-state university in Sri Lanka always align the Biotechnology programs to produce innovative Biotechnologists. Currently, a diploma on Biotechnology along with a degree on B.Sc.(Hons) in Biotechnology awarded by Nilai University, Malaysia is offered by the Horizon Campus. Well-equipped, state of the art laboratories for Bioscience, Tissue culture and Chemistry provides students an excellent platform and a workspace to get the hands-on experience on biotech experiments. The highly academically decorated faculty members cover the course contents with latest updates and guides the students to conduct newest trends in biotechnology associated research. Internships at reputed industries belonging to different fields are also guaranteed.
Registrations are now open for the 9th Intake for Diploma and Bachelors of Sciences (Hons) in Biotechnology. With a limited number of seats available still, there’s an opportunity for Science enthusiast who wishes to become future Scientists and to take the challenge in Developing the Agricultural in Sri Lanka. Wishing to become an Innovative Biotechnologists?
Further information can be obtained by visiting or by contacting 0716623623, 0716 613 613, 0114 365 555 or by visiting Horizon Campus at Malabe.

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