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ANC Future Centre- Medical Placements hosted dignitaries from affiliated universities and academic bodies during the MEDICAL EDUCATION FAIR 2018 held at the Ivy room, cinnamon grand Colombo. The event was held in succession to the medical exhibition that was organized earlier during the year which marked the expansion of the student interaction centres for the most celebrated educational conglomerate in Sri Lanka. As the leading direct placement centre in Sri Lanka for medical students the entity has established its presence in the international platform and formed relationships with prestigious educators from all parts of the world to be able to provide world-wide opportunities to students who otherwise may not have a window to reach their career potential.
Overseas medical university/college placement is an extensive subject matter that involves knowledge not only on the universities but the other immigrant necessities relevant to the host country and it can be said with confidence that during the tenure of over thirteen years ANC Future Centre – Medical Placementshas left no stones unturned to ensure a student’s seamless transition to same. The objective of the above programme which was widely received by prospective students was to further promote countries such as Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Germanyas educational destinations while also highlighting Ireland, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, China, India, Nepal, and Malaysia as lucrative options.Their system of higher educationis well formulated, advanced and in par with the Western countries while their progressive and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches continue to gain global recognition. Their programmes are considered to be among the best in the world while the tuition fee and expenses for living remains nominal in comparison to alternatives of equal standing with no compromise to the security or comfort. Owing to the involvementof determinedinstitutions such as the ANC who encourage and promote emergent student destinations, their popularity has steadily risen in the recent years to be able to housea third of its students from overseas. As Asia and Europe are home to cosmopolitan communities which includes a cultural calendar that reflects and celebrates diversity in all its forms,presently, more and more international students are recognizing the benefits of looking beyond traditional study destinations such as the U.S. and the U.K. as higher education institutions in Asian countries such as India and Malaysia have improved by leaps and bounds. All universities in partnership with ANC Future Center – Medical Placements, holds world class academic standards and consist of excellent living conditions. They are at present, home to many Sri Lankan students who are able to experience the richness of a diverse culture and a vibrant environment.
The medical educational fair included an interactive session which facilitated a host of keynote speakers who provided the students with guidanceto questions aimed at enriching their knowledge and know-howof the journey aheadduring which the students .The high-point of the itinerary was un-doubtfully the awarding ofscholarships to selected destinations to the winners of a quiz conducted via the official socialmedia platforms of the medical placements division.
ANC Future Centre – Medical Placements has constantly revolutionized the Sri Lankan education industry by its progressive ideology, and this year is no different. With the branching out of campuses in cities such as kandy, Negambo and Kadawatha, a significant rise in student enrolments is predicted during the year ahead. Together, they are strategically located to drive awareness and build lasting relationships with students to deliver continued support and direction.
In the wake of the recently concluded event’ssuccess ANC Future Centre – Medical Placements aims to continue to host a similar event which iscertain to deliver international accessibility to the local student like never before.ANC Future Centre- Medical Placements a great platform for all students to uncover their true competence – personally and professionally. Your journey to becoming a diligent and passionate medical professional begins here.

ANC Future Center – Medical Placements
ANC Future Centre – Medical Placementshas a team of dedicated professional who are able to assist academically capable students secure admissions to the international medical university of their preference.They offer a service beyond the general framework of a mainstream placement centre in order to make the process as convenient as possible for you. Listed below are their services in brief.

• Academic and Career Counselling
• Admission Confirmation
• University Interview Mentorship
• Advice on Vaccinations by Designated Medical centres
• Pre Departure Briefing with IMU Admission Officer
• Organization of transportation upon arrival
• Orientation and Familiarization of university
• University Registration
• Hostel Allocation and Payment Processing
• Designated Staff member Assisting students to Malaysia
• Assistance In Shopping for Basic Amenities such as Groceries, Stationery and Text Books

For admissions and more information
ANC Medical placements- 111 1/2, Maya Avenue, Colombo 06 -0777 66 22 33|ANC Education- 308-310, R. A. D Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03| ANC Future Centre Colombo- Queens Road, Colombo 04|ANC Kandy Branch Campus- 0777 44 99 44- 322 Peradeniya Road, Kandy| ANC Future Centre- Negambo– 076330 0030 -440/1/1, Colombo Road, 2ndKurana, Negambo | ANC Future CentreKadawatha- 0774 89 63 84-144/1E Sumito Building, Kandy Road, Kadawatha.

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