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Aable American Higher Education Pathway

It is a known fact that United States of America is the world’s Best Higher Education Destination. Over a million students from all over the world travel to USA to achieve their higher education dream from some of the top ranked universities in the world. The undergraduate and postgraduate candidates who travel to US study Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Business and Liberal Arts. While USA being the best destination for higher education the perception among Sri Lankan students and their parents are a destination with a higher cost. However the reality is completely opposite and US Higher education is smartly affordable and more flexible than any of the most popular destination for Sri Lankan Students.

What are the most Authentic and most Trustworthy American University Transfer Program?
At present the only Authentic and reliable American University Transfer Program with assured credit transfer is offered by American International Campus (AIC Campus) in partnership with the California State University Sacramento State. Incidentally SacState Transfer Program at AIC Campus is the First Ever American University Transfer program with a State University in USA.
Why SacState Transfer Program
The American University Transfer Program (SacState) allows students to complete at least two years of their university education in Sri Lanka and transfer to USA to complete the balance two years in their chosen major area of study.
California State (SacState) is among the top 80 Universities in the USA and their Engineering School ranked among the top 50.
Students can select over 38 major areas of study in Engineering, Science, IT, Business and Liberal Arts.
What are the benefits of American University (Sac State) TransferProgram?
• American University Transfer (SacState) program provides the much needed affordability to our own students and their parents. Since the students will study two years in Sri Lanka and two years in US the cost saving is over 60% of studying all four years in the USA.
• Many Sri Lankan students who never thought of moving to USA for higher studies will have the greatest opportunity in their life to obtain an American Degree at an affordable cost.
• The 2+2 Transfer program also provide the much needed flexibility for students to follow general Education subjects during their first two years of study and select and complete their major area of study during the final two years of study in USA.
• Students are also provided the option to engage in part time work during their study period and 24 to 36 months work permit after graduation (STEM Graduates) to gain valuable work experience in one of the most technologically advanced economy in the world.
• California State University (SacState) Tuition fees are one of the most affordable in the US. Since AIC is partnered exclusively with SacState the benefit of lower cost tuition fees are available to Transfer students and also the ability to obtain merit based scholarships.
• AIC Campus also offers merit based scholarships for the February intake up to 50%

It is imperative that there is no other American University Transfer program more authentic and cost effective that the AIC Campus SacState Transfer program. On top of the affordability and authenticity, AIC Campus has the best panel of lectures with PhD qualifications and subject related industry experience. This combination guides the students to be ready for the challenges upon transferring to USA and beyond.
AIC Campus also provides Flexible payment plans through all Major Credit Cards and Study Loans through major banks in Sri Lanka.
An admission for the February intake is now on. If you are with Local or London A/Levels , O/Levels or Local O/Level Pending Results and looking for a higher education that is the best in the world please call us today for more information on 0766 759 669/0779 779 776/0768268165 or AIC Campus Kandy 0777 230 033

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