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For school leavers who aspire for clothing career ; Brandix shows the way

The Brandix College of Clothing Technology (BCCT) has been offering pioneering clothing technology courses since 1996 to cater school leavers who are aspiring to embark on a clothing career and to those already in the clothing industry who wish to enhance their knowledge.
Therefore, the college training activities have been divided in to two major areas, called industry-based training for new comers and industry-oriented training for industry personnel. The College offers a responsive array of courses whichmeet the needs of theindustry. There are more than 100 specialised technical courses available ranging from fabric technology to merchandising, advanced pattern making, production managementto sewing machinery skillsetc.
The Brandix College of Clothing Technology also runs a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree programme in collaboration with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, one of the oldest and most respected in Australia.This comprehensive course is designed to give school leavers an excellent foundation for fast progress in this vibrant and exclusive industry and moulds them into fully-fledged leaders of the future.
The drive behind achieving this goal is the BCCT’s methods of teaching, learning, research and networking with the clothing industry.
The first two years of the degree course incorporate IT, Textile Technology and Clothing Technology. The final year covers Management subjects.The final year students have the opportunity to work while learning. This type of industry exposure will help students to broaden their horizon and stay ahead of other university students in the country.
In addition, BCCT runs two part-time diploma programmesof one year duration for industry personnel. One of the diplomas is designed for Executives which include management and technological subjects. The other is for front line middle managers in the industry. This programme attempts to provide technical insight to middle-level personnel. There is also a College Diploma in Fashion Merchandising and Retailing for school leavers. This is a two year full-time course. This course is presently under scrutiny by a foreign university in Europe in order to articulate to a degree level. The college also conducts College Certificate level specific technical courses relating to clothing manufacturing. Some of these are Work Study, Product Development, Merchandising, Quality Control, Production Management, etc.
The Brandix College has modern training equipment and its laboratories are fully equipped with the latest technology. Its machinery and equipment are brand-new and they are state of the art. The lab carries out testing for brands such as Marks & Spencer, PVH, Limited brand, Amazon, Tommy John and GAP. All students are encouraged to use these equipment. Students at the BCCT have access to one of the biggest libraries in the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in Australia. Students are taught theory and practical at the college premises. Hands on experience is given through inplant training in leading clothing factories.
This provide an opportunity for our students to learn beyond the taught content and provide them with a greater understanding about the practical application of their knowledge.
Career development and simulation programmes are an inclusive part of the students’ learning. Through this,students are motivated for upgrading their skills and personality.
The collective qualifications of the College academic staff include six PhDs, four Masters and 10 Bachelors Degree holders. Another valuable resource the College draws upon is a pool of experienced professionals from the industry for teaching, which is a unique situation for an academic institution. Students get an opportunity to understand how the industry operates through a combination of theory and practice.

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