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Study Engineering in France

American International Campus (AIC Campus) introduced Engineering Transfer Program to France for the first time in Sri Lanka in partnership with ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering. The 2+3 program has given many Sri Lankan students to achieve their engineering dream at a very affordable cost and career opportunities in European Union and worldwide.
When you think about countries with top engineering programs, US, Switzerland or China may be the first to come to your mind. However there are many other nations offer premiere engineering opportunities with allures of their own. One destination topping the list for engineers in search for an international education is none other than France. Let’s take a closer look at top reasons to consider France as your destination to study engineering.
French Engineering Degrees are Highly Esteemed
French engineering programs are well-known for their rigorous curricula aimed at positioning graduates for successful careers following graduation. France’s selective Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieur fuse advanced theoretical concepts with practical applications, such as small workshop sessions and paid internships. They also integrate business training, foreign language study, and communication skills, all teaching Undergraduates to deliver creative solutions to some of today’s most complex challenges.
Standing behind today’s French engineering degrees is The Engineering Title Committee (CTI), the monitoring body tasked with ensuring the ongoing excellence of the country’s engineering education system.
Learn in a Culture of Ages- old Engineering Innovations
Need more proof of the strength of French engineering programs and the capabilities of their grads? Just take a quick look at the country’s legacy of engineering innovation, starting with the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse or “high-speed train”). World record holder for speed, the TGV is considered to be a technological marvel for its combination of performance, comfort, and commitment to eco-mobility.
And the TGV is hardly alone. The 17th century, 150-mile Canal du Midi which spans from Toulouse to the port of Sète in the Mediterranean is so extraordinary in both vision and execution that it’s earned Unesco World Heritage Site status.
And of course no discussion of feats of European engineering is complete without mention of the Eurotunnel. A joint project of France and the UK, the Channel Tunnel took more than 13,000 workers and five years to complete, and has since been declared to be one of the seven wonders of the modern world.
What does each of these have in common aside from their impressive engineering schemes? They were considered unthinkable until French engineers put their minds to the task. In fact recently France topped all other European Nations for innovations based on the Thomson Reuters round up of top 100 Global Innovators.
The French Language Adds Value
While the importance of knowing English is widely touted, the value of bilingualism is often understated. But as globalization continues to break down conventional barriers to communication, knowledge of a second or more language adds irrefutable value.
In addition to enhancing a student’s ability to communicate, studying French also affords students otherwise unattainable access to understanding French culture and context. These cross-cultural capabilities serve graduates well — both when working alongside other French speakers as well as when communicating with other international students, as well.
It is France After all
Mere mention of the word “France” makes most people swoon. While engineering programs are indeed demanding, you won’t spend all your time studying. When you’re not hitting the books, France offers an abundance of unforgettable things to see and do and taste and discover.
And while Paris may get the entire buzz, there are plenty of other phenomenal French cities for international students, such as the European metropolis of Lyon. A major technological, industrial and economic hub.
France is known for many things — from breathtaking art to fabulous food. It’s not a surprise that this prominent country also shines in other areas as well, such as engineering. Prospective engineers in search of high-quality international engineering educational opportunities will find that and so much more in this legendary, romantic and innovative country.
AIC Campus Engineering Transfer Program to France
AIC Campus Engineering Transfer to France allows students to study two years in Sri Lanka and Transfer to ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering to complete their MSc in 14 major areas of study. Some of the Majors are Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Network Architecture and security, Robotics, Mechatronics, Biomedical Systems, Electronics systems for auto and aerospace engineering etc.
If you are after you’re a/Levels and looking forward to become a qualified engineer in a dream specialization AIC Campus can provide you the opportunity to study your engineering degree at an affordable cost. AIC Offers easy payment schemes, Study Loans through major banks and also 0% credit card payment plans.
Enrolments for the February intake are now on. Please call AIC Campus Colombo on 0766 759 669/0774 409 240 or AIC Campus Kandy on 0777 230 033

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