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ANC Collaborates with Cologne Business School ; The First-Ever German Transfer Program in Sri Lanka

ANC Introducing 2+1 German Transfer Program in Business marks another milestone in international education, for it’s the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.Since its inception in 2002, ANC Education, in collaboration with a number of world-class universities, has offered an array of degree programs, in which strong academics and career preparation complement each other: they have provided students with a competitive edge in landing the career of their choice. ANC continues to create unmatched opportunities for local students to reach their full potential for a rewarding life. Students complete the first two years of their Bachelor’s in International Business degree at ANC and transfer to CBS for their final year of studies. It’s noteworthy that CBS conducts this degree program entirely in English.
• Entry criteria:
o Local/ London A/L
o Local/ London O/L + Successful completion of ANC foundation program
A study released in March this year by Study.EU argues that “Germany is now the best option for international students studying in Europe. The study ranked 30 European countries according to three categories: education, costs, and life and career. Germany came on top with a total score of 83.2 out of 100- far ahead of the UK, which was scored at 69.8.” All in all, by choosing a degree offered by CBS, you decide on a superior career and prosperous future.
Cologne Business School (CBS)
• Ranked as the best university of applied sciences (Business Administration) in Germany by The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) and WirtschaftsWoche magazine
• Recognized by the NRW Ministry of Science: this ensures that degrees obtained and exams completed at CBS are recognized worldwide
• FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation)-Program Accreditations for quality and academic feasibility
• Co-ops, internships, study abroad, and other experiential learning opportunities bring theory to life in amazing settings
• Exclusive partnerships with many great companies, such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Deutsche Bank, Unilever, Amazon, PWC, etc. ensures that undergraduate education extends beyond class room and students are prepared for global careers
• Dual major options available: concentrations in Financial management, International Trade, and Marketing Management complement the Bachelor’s in International Business
• Small class sizes enable students to have close interaction with professors
• Wide range of courses in soft skills
• 75 nations at one campus: English is the most widely used language
• Merit scholarship programs
• Family like atmosphere and leisure time activities for everyone-both introverts and extroverts

Studying in Germany
• Germany is gradually becoming the top destination for international students seeking admission to European universities
• Germany topped the inaugural “Best Countries” list by US News & World Report (2016) due to a number of factors: entrepreneurship (well developed infrastructure, education, and skill level of labor force), power (military might and economic success), and quality of life
• The German economy (the largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest in the world) supports thousands of new jobs every day
• A seamless path from graduation to employment guaranteed
• Post-study work opportunities up to 18 months for international students
• Reputed for innovation, with countless groundbreaking inventions-from modern automobile to aspirin and nuclear fission
• Affordable accommodation
• Best known for a vibrant art, theatre, music, and film scene, surreal landscapes, and great architecture
• Excellent public transport system in place
ANC Education
ANC boasts an outstanding business faculty: ANC faculty members often have deep professional experience and bring that industry expertise and enthusiasm to their work. ANC ensures that what is taught in class room is of high quality and consistent with the needs of business and industry.
What’s more, even though the entire degree program is conducted in English, ANC students are given free lessons in German language to help them assimilate comfortably, to feel part of new society upon their arrival in Germany.
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