Tuesday, January 26, 2021


As a result, stake holders in this market, are consistently devising strategies to identify themselves to align with the dominant market forces. Further, the contemporary global apparel market place, is now going through a major shift in alluring the taste buds of the customers, with the increased product differentiation, and as a result, customers begin to feel the tastes of diversities in every facet of apparel, which formulates the equation of demand.
Meanwhile, the market for apparels has gone through a rapid transformation in the recent past and with the technological improvements, the end user awareness and demand have sharply increased.
These changes make heavy competitions in the apparel sector to create drivers for more educational related activities.
Sri Lanka Institute of Textile and Apparel , SLITA, is the pioneer institution in providing quality education and testing to the local textile and apparel industry , set up under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in order to produce middle level and lower level, technical and managerial personnel. As the institution envisages to expand its delivery of services, specially in education, SLITA requires to spread its tentacles to win over the potential markets in south eastern region countries, too.
The educational courses, offered by SLITA, ranging from certificate to Degree levels, are highly in demand and conducted in the areas of textile, apparel, testing and leather & footwear streams, and the number of students are on the rise every year.
At present, there are foreign students already enrolled into courses and in future , SLITA expects to increase the intake of foreign students, sizeably, within the next couple of years. In order to popularise the courses, course contents ,syllabi and infrastructure facilities are upgraded to suit the local and regional requirements.
As the emblem of the institution is firmly rooted in the textile and apparel market, as the core services provider, among many rivalries to the industry, the courses carry a heavy demand, in turning out the trained labour to the industry.
Followings are the courses offered to both school leavers and industry personnel, and there are tailor-made courses for those factories that require special training for their personnel, as well.
Prospective candidates, for the courses, may be drawn from the industry and schools, and they may be the candidates intending to secure higher qualifications, to gain heights in the ladder of their careers.
– Degree Programmes
– HND Programmes
– Certificate level Courses
– Tailor –Made Courses
Above courses, with necessary quality assurances, surely match the industry expectations, and the students, passed out from the courses, are currently engaged in eminent positions in leading blue-chip companies, that exist in the market as star performers.
Hence, a participant with a qualification from SLITA, would, enjoy ample privileges of accessing opportunities to better rewarding careers, with dizzy heights, if you are adequately oriented.

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