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Most Affordable and Authentic American University Transfer Program in Sri Lanka

Nationally, California is a significant contributor in the agricultural, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors, which is why many universities have created high quality and affordable programs that focus on Engineering and Technology among other fields as well. Because of its size, California is a large state allowing students to choose just about any field of study.

California first choice for students among all US States.
United States of America is the number one Choice for Foreign students for higher education. The number keep growing year on year and reached over 1 million foreign student intake for American Universities.
Among all states in the US, California stands above all as the most preferred destination for overseas students. While California no doubt embodies Western American culture, it is also regarded as a socially more liberal state that boasts a large and culturally diverse population. With many students coming from countries like India, Japan, Korea, China, and Canada year after year and choosing to study in California, California remains one of the most active and inviting American states for international students.
Living in California means experiencing and embracing new and novel languages, foods, cultures, peoples, ideas, celebrations, and activities on a daily basis! If you choose to study in California, the liberal and culturally diverse nature of this state and its people ensure you will receive so much more education than you pay for, as the potential education available to you just by exploring and experiencing all this international cultural Mecca has to offer will certainly enhance your classroom experience.

Quality of Higher Education in California
When it comes to higher education, the well-organized California network of Universities and colleges carries an excellent reputation for providing quality education. That means students studying in California can look forward to acknowledgment of the quality and prestige of their degrees upon graduation, both nationally and internationally. California universitiesare consistentlymaintained top-ranking in the United States and worldwide.

Cutting Edge Technology
Universities in the U.S. pride themselves on being at the forefront of technology, research and techniques, and in making the best possible equipment and resources available to their students. Even if your field does not directly involve science or engineering, you will have opportunities to become skilled in using the latest technology to conduct research, as well as obtain and process information. You will find ways to stay connected with researchers, teachers and experts in your field all over the world.
Global Education and Long Term Career Prospects
Experience in an international setting is a marketable commodity. Many employers seek the wide range of knowledge, adaptability and experience that international students acquire by studying in the United States. Companies in the U.S. are increasingly seeking to become a strong presence in the global marketplace. They often look to hire employees who not only have multi-cultural language skills, but those who can also help communicate, negotiate and conduct business across different cultures.
California State University (Sacramento State)
AIC Campus in partnership with California State University (SacState) offer the most affordable and authentic American University Transfer Program for Sri Lankan students to achieve their higher education and career dream.
The 2+2 program at AIC Campus has built a reputation among Parents and students as the best American University Transfer program in the country.
Why AIC Campus US Transfer program
• Only Genuine American University Transfer Program in the Country in collaboration with a State University.
• One of the top ranked Universities in the US
• Quality program delivery by PhD Qualified faculty with industry Experience
• Undergraduate enrolled directly in California State University (Sacstate) upon enrolment at AIC.
• Assured Credit Transfer
• University experience with many extracurricular activities to take part including a vibrant and active Student Union, many clubs and societies
• Cost saving of over 60% of studying all four years in the United States
• Installment payment plans to stretch out the investment on higher education
• Study Loans through major banks and 0% installment plans through all major credit cards.
• Over 38 Major areas to select from Engineering, Sciences, Business and Liberal Arts.
An admission for the February intake is now on, if you are after your A/Levels or O/Levels this is the time to take the right decision to achieve success in your higher education and career dreams. Please call AIC Campus Colombo on 0766 759 669/0779 779 776 or AIC Campus Kandy 0777 230 033.

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