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If you are looking to secure a particular profession, strong career line and hold a top position of success in life – first, you need to take the right path and have the correct guidance and educational direction.

PATHE Academy
The PATHE Academy has taken the initiative to create a world class opportunity for students to fulfill their academic dreams through PATHETransfer Programme. Offering students the solid experience of over 20 years in the field of education, this programme makes the procedure of securing not just a good education but an excellent one,much easier, faster and cost effective.
PATHETransfer Programme guarantees quality and stability – that is a must for an education institute. PATHE is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and operates on-par with international educational institutes worldwide. Lecture rooms, laboratories, libraries, recreational areas and the high standards of hygiene, set the academy above the rest.
Teacher Effectiveness
The academy houses an experienced team of lecturers that excel in terms of academic expectations. Geared to address and support with personalized attention towards the student’seducation and well-being.

PATHE Transfer Programme Process
From the moment a student walks in, they will experience the efficiency and expertise of PATHE Academy. Guided to make the right choices that will best benefit their chosen path – all forms of documentation and bank loan facilities, etc. will be taken care of with expertise – assuring students, a hassle-free service that will help them achieve a faster take on their beginnings of the chosen education and career advancement.
• Students will be given free preparation for IELTS/TOEFL.PATHEAcademy is also an official examination and registration center for TOEFL/IELTS/GRE
• Over Rs. 5 million cost-saving for the 1st year
• Free visa and admission processing.
• A range of scholarships for the PATHE Business Diploma.
• Students bank loans up to Rs. 7 million through reputed local banks
• Students have the flexibility of paying the PATHE Business Diploma course fees in installments
Management Pathway Programmes
* Business Management
* Marketing
* Finance
* Accounting
* Hospitality &Tourism Management
How the PATHE Transfer Programme Works
Students who complete their 1st year at PATHE Academy can thereafter opt to transfer for the 2nd and 3rd year to PATHE’s partner universities –
Australia – University of Canberra.
New Zealand – Southern Institute of Technology.
USA – Cleary University.
Other Bonus Offers
Study at the ‘TOP’ universities in the world.
Student accommodation guaranteed*
All students passing through PATHE Academy are guaranteed scholarships*
PATHE Academy students are guaranteed an internship in their chosen fields*
The PATHETransfer Programme from PATHE Academy is the perfect plan for anyone who wishes to continue their higher educationafter O/L’s or A/L’s.
For all applicable students – Applications for the next intake are now open!
Due to limited places being available,early registration is highly advisable.
Please contact our counselors on 0722 200 900 / 0703 737 243 / 0112 363 112 or email us on [email protected] visit for more information.

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