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With A/L Results Released; Why Not Consider Studying in Australia, New Zealand or Malaysia?

What to study? This is very important as the course you select to follow and graduate should enable you to enter into a career in demand that will give you ample opportunities even internationally and give correct rewards and job satisfaction. Some of the skills that would lead to careers & professions which would give excellent openings -ICT (specially cyber and network security, software engineering etc) Engineering (specially Robotics, Electronics, Environmental, Biomedical etc) Health Sciences ( Radiography, Optometry, Sonography, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Psychology, Medical Laboratory Science, Medicine, Vet Science, Dentistry etc), Commerce (specially Accounting, Actuary, Taxation, Auditing), Social Work, Nursing, Agriculture Sciences, Law, Hospitality (Culinary or Patisserie streams), Land and Building (Land Economy, Valuation, Architecture, Surveying, Quantity Survey, Cartography)
b. Which country to Study in? Study Abroad opportunities are available in most overseas countries. However your prime considerations should be whether – the country offering courses to international students consider it as an important agenda of it, the academics have excellent communication skills in English to offer comprehensive in depth knowledge, the universities are of high calibre, the country permit students to do part time work to earn living expenses, and the country officially offer the students to get post study work experience and if desired a chance to join the work force.
c. Which university to study in? All the established universities in the world are ranked based on many valid and critical criteria and these rankings are done by several well established independent bodies. The other factors to consider would be the course contents, accreditations to professional bodies for recognition, duration of the courses, the fee structure, location of campuses, the international students it caters to, the scholarships offered purely on merit available for high achievers etc. When it comes to post graduate studies the university selection is very vital as selecting a wrong university will jeopardise the entire future.
d. Cost of studies overseas? In a number of cases entry to certain professions need not have a degree from a top university or for that matter from a university per se. There are excellent degrees awarding polytechnics/ TAFE colleges whose degrees are highly recognised by employers. Therefore the selection of the university or institution should be based on the final outcome that is needed by considering– what is the profession to enter into
e. Pathway to study is also a vital consideration. Students who do not have A/L results for direct entry to a university must select a pathway course – a Foundation, a diploma or a university year course. There are courses of same duration or a marginally longer period but at a much reduced cost – starting from AUD 15,000 in Australia to NZD 18,000 in New Zealand.
Considering all above factors choosing to study in Australia or New Zealand is one of the best choices. Malaysia is also an option to be considered as most Malaysian universities offers the option of part studying and transfer to Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA to complete the studies.
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  1. where can i find this Course Providers in Sri lanka…? you just gave information only,if you have more details please give me the contact details also and which agencies or colleges are offering this Course or How can i Apply as a Sri lankan….?

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