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BCAS: Pioneer in Quantity Surveying Course , Approved by Edexcel UK , TVEC Sri Lanka& Accredited by RICS & CIOB UK

The job of Quantity Surveyors is a responsible one. It is they (Q’Surveyors) who ensure that the construction projects entrusted to them by their employers meet quality standards paying attention to every details of the legal aspects. As such, they have got to carefully monitor the projects from the initial design until it is completed. Sometimes, QS will be expected to calculate the cost to be incurred for maintenance when the building is up and running
Thus they make sure the clients get their money’s worth.
Quantity surveyors work on a range of projects including residential homes, industrial sites, commercial development and transport networks ensuring the projects meet the required legal and quality standards.
To be a successful Quantity Surveyor however, you will require a certain level of expertise in the following aspects: Excellent understanding of construction methods, techniques and materials Ability to manage finances High level of IT competency Excellent math skills Expert attention to detail Creative approach to problem solving Organized and methodical approach to tasks Excellent communication skills – both written and spoken Exceptional negotiation abilities Ability to work effectively as part of a team Ability to write reports and manage databases Impressive interpersonal skills Willingness and ability to relate to different strata people Ability to stay calm as deadlines approach Commitment to the job and willingness to work long hours For a student who is serious about acquiring the aforesaid “must skills” to become a successful Quantity Surveyor, BCAS should be the first and best choice.
BCAS can proudly claim that it is the pioneer to have introduced the BTEC HND qualification in Quantity Surveying in Sri Lanka for the first time. It is more an accepted truth than an indisputable fact. This qualification also approved by TVEC – Sri Lanka .
The BTEC qualification in QS is delivered by BCAS and awarded by the internationally-recognized Qualification Awarding body (EDEXCEL) Pearson UK. It is not just awarded but after regular monitoring and auditing to convince themselves (Edexcel, UK) on the UK quality performance by the students.
BCAS has been awarded the “Platinum Partner” Status by the Edexcel in Sri Lanka for this.
Unlike other institutions that relies on part-time tutors, BCAS does have a full time faculty with regular teaching – learning interactivity to offer the students with uninterrupted learning support.
BCAS is genuinely concerned about the students’ reasonable expectations. When they complete their HND successfully in 18 months with 6 months industrial training , we make available facilitates locally for progression to earn their UGC recognized Top-up degree in QS from the University of Wolverhampton which is accredited by RICS & CIOB UK.
Final year is taught by UK flying faculties from the university of Wolverhampton UK.

For more details please call 77 2834595 or 77 2660129

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