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Scholarships to Study Abroad ; Study in Singapore, live in Australia

Now introducing a host of scholarship programs for foreign study, put in place to fulfil the dreams of youth who aspire to study abroad. Designed for students who have successfully completed their ordinary levels or advanced levels, these foreign and local scholarships will be offered by the QIB campus and the International Higher Education Scholarship Centre in collaboration with foreign universities and education centres.
Students who wish to be a part of the scholarship programs are instructed to download a registration form from and e-mail or hand over the completed document to No. 159/ 03, High Level Road, Godagama, Homagama. All applicants will be required to pay a fee of 55 Singapore Dollars (Rs. 6325/-) to obtain their examination applications.
For more information please call 0777 855 855, 072 9 855 855, 078 7 855 855, 071 9 855 855, 011 5 855 855.
All applicants have the option of choosing Hotel Management as well as Logistics and Supply Chain Management as their major; 2 programs offered by the Singaporean government. The first 2 years of the degree can be completed in Singapore alongside a chance of employment with a minimum pay of Rs.100, 000. The 2nd and 3rd years of study can be concluded in Australia, with the option to reside there, if you choose to do so.
Similarly once you have completed the first and second year of study in Singapore, you have the option of working in Singapore, Dubai or Malaysia with a salary of over 900 dollars per month and then travel to Australia for the completion of your studies.
The institute is offering scholarships for the first time since 2014 and thus the number of scholarships will be limited to 100.
Students who have been a part of our degree programs now successfully reside in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and America. At the same time all students who choose to study and work in Singapore will be provided a permit by the Singaporean government to legally do so.
The University of Griffith and the University of Wollongong in Australia have been ranked at number 19 and 11 respectively, in a list of top universities in the nation.
Studying in Singapore costs approximately 900 Singapore Dollars, but students who chose to take the intelligence test will only need to spend 4700 Singapore Dollars. This fee will be further minimised based on your scholarship.
Students who receive a full scholarship will have the university and course fees completely waived off. In addition to Singapore you can also take the intelligence test to qualify yourself to study in New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, America, India or the UK.
Russia and Ukraine supply 60% of the world’s aircraft engineers. You can now study in these nations for a cost of 25 Lacks. This fee includes accommodation and food costs. While it only costs 25 lacks to study in the above mentioned nations. You must know that this cost will only cover the cost of one year of study in nations such as Australia, New Zealand, America and the UK. For more information on aviation and aerospace technologies and avionics engineering degrees please visit .
Your unwavering commitment and dedication is the secret to your success. With an investment of less than Rs.500,000 we can offer you an opportunity to live in Australia while earning a salary of Rs.100,000 per month.
As an award winningorganisation that has been a proud recipient of multiple accolades through 2010, 2011, and 2012, we are an institution with over 14 years of experience in higher education in Sri Lanka.
While realizing the aspirations of thousands of young Sri Lankans in 2017 we were awarded the Gold Medal for the European Quality Award in Moscow. Honoured and loved over the years, we are a trusted organisation that abides by the highest standards of quality. Come be a part of this privilege and take your life to greater heights of success.

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