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A Wonderful Opportunity for A/L Qualifiers to Become Professional Chemists

IChemC has become the largest single producer of professional graduate chemists in Sri Lanka and it is proud to announce that the 1000th graduate chemist passed out in 2015 convocation. College is now producing the largest number of graduate chemists which is well over 50% passed in every year in any institution in Sri Lanka.
The students who complete the program successfully with honors can proceed to post graduate studies to obtain degrees such as M.Sc, M. Phil, or PhD in local universities as well as in foreign universities. Some of our own graduate chemists who obtained a PhD in chemistry are currently employed by universities and industries in locally and globally as well as by the IChemC.
Students those who have sat or planning to sit A/L with Chemistry as a subject are invited to apply for this program.
The course will commence in January 2018 and those who complete the full program successfully will graduate in October 2021. Those who already passed A/L should not need to waste your time, money and energy as well the youth by repeating A/L examinations since there is a golden opportunity to follow a productive and renowned degree program in chemistry. Also, very talented students who could opt after two years of successful completion of examinations can obtain aB.Sc.(Hons) degreein Applied Chemistry from theNorthumbria University UK with one more year of study in the UK or a BS degree from the University of Cincinnati,USA, Truman State University, USA and Deakin University, Australia with two more years of study in the respective countries.
Further details about this highly successful and popular program can be obtained by contacting the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon Adamantine House, 341/22 Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya or by visiting our website at or calling our office at 2861231/2861653.

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